Easy Time and Attendance Management on the go

Flex time rules and presence automation for dynamic teams

Online Time and Attendance Management

Replace fiddly paperwork with streamlined time and attendance management on the cloud. Stimulate business growth and staff productivity with the benefits of flexible working.

  • Eliminate risks linked to the manual calculation of overtime, holidays or sick days
  • Friendly, instant user access across all mobile or desktop devices
  • Precise flex time rules and notifications system to reduce bad practices.

Enjoy user-friendly tools. Manage staff’s working hours, overtime, sick days, lunch breaks and holidays at your own convenience. Quick, hassle-free and easy to use.

Week attendance

Hassle-free Time Clock and Timesheet Calculator

Make your employees happy. Allow them to clock in and clock out anytime, from anywhere, with our time-tracking app. Of course, you’re still in charge:

  • Access work logs from any device
  • Set up geofencing rules for field staff
  • Enjoy nice and professional time reports
  • Automate timesheets and approvals
  • Quick data export that accelerates payroll.

A great way to prevent buddy clocking and combat time theft. You can see the time and location and for each work log, right on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Online Employee Time Clock Calculator

It’s Time for Flex Time

Try, manage and polish your own flextime policy. You and your employees will love this. Imagine having all time-related data and escalation rules, synced and available 24/7 on the cloud.

  • Simple Traffic Lights system to detect off-track time patterns
  • Set up who is notified in case someone breaks the time rules
  • Manage shift swaps, holidays and short breaks on the go
  • Spot and handle earliness-lateness trends before they become a problem.

Designed to help team leaders or managers take timely corrective actions, our suite of flex time tools and synced apps give everybody the freedom to work whenever they feel productive.

Moneypenny.me time and attendance apps on desktop, tablet and mobile

Smooth Absence Management

Handle working hours, medical leaves, vacations, lunch breaks and absences from your favorite browser.

  • Digitized holiday planning. No frustration. More efficiency.
  • Automated leave and absence tools that make approval processes easy
  • Instant notifications and time-off requests right on your favorite device
  • Up-to-date individual and team calendars for simplified team tracking
  • Quick and easy time records export ready to speed up payroll processing.

This is an excellent way to keep dynamic teams synced at all times. Through accurate electronic time records, everybody can work, plan ahead, save time and prevent manual entry errors.

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