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Frequently asked questions about pdf invoice template

What is a PDF Invoice Template?

A PDF invoice template is a template used to invoice your clients for the products or services you delivered to them. For instance, all the work completed for a project has to be invoiced. By using such a template, you just fill in the existing fields with the right info (numbers of hours worked, the hourly price, VAT, etc) and instantly send it to your client in order to get paid. The advantage of having a template is that you don’t have to start from the scratch each time you create an invoice. You customize an invoice with your branding and business details, save it as a template then use it each time you need to invoice someone. It’s simple, practical and efficient.

Do I always have to invoice my customers?

Sending invoices to clients is considered a best practice in business. It helps both sides have a clear track of their business collaboration. Who delivered what, for how much money and whether the work was retributed. At the end of tax year, both businesses will have an accurate view of their projects and the profits they made. Invoices will make filing your taxes a lot easier, plus, they will provide important data regarding whether your clients paid you in a timely manner or not. zistemo offers you a wide range of free invoice template pdf to choose from. Why not give it a try and sign up for a free 14-days trial?

What data should my invoice template pdf contain?

  • First, your invoice should have your company name, as well as your name, address and contact details. Secondly, the info about your client (he is the one who will pay for your work): the business name, contact name, and address.
  • Now list all the products or services you’re invoicing your client. Each item on a separate line.
  • At the end, you’ll have the total price for the work completed or the products your delivered.
  • Depending on your country of residence, you’ll have to include taxes, which will add up to the grand total. That is actually the amount your client owes you from the minute you send the invoice. To simplify payment and help your clients pay you quicker, it’s better to also include payment instruction and a due date.
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