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Online employee time tracking with zistemo

zistemo is the one-stop time-tracking solution for your business. No matter if you’re leading a small team, a fresh startup or a seasoned business, it allows you and your staff to accurately capture and report every working second, from any device.

Professional online time billing

Professional business management

  • Smart & fast time invoicing
  • Auto invoice integration
  • Easy timesheet management
  • Advanced time reports (including payrolls)
Time Tracking on-the-go | zistemo

Live time tracking

  • Log time from any device
  • Live task & presence monitoring
  • Track working hours on the go
  • Pro-active staff management
Staff time tracking | zistemo

Staff time tracking

  • Tap & go timer
  • Detailed yet & easy-to-use time reports
  • Instant time updates & alerts
  • Auto synced time logging & billing
Track your business performance live | zistemo

Employee time-tracking: why choose zistemo?

  • Easy device switch. Track time anytime & on the go.
  • Professional team & time management tools.
  • Live employee & activity tracking.
  • Intuitive tools. No guru skills needed. No pain.
  • Affordable. Paid plans go as low as ~1$/month/user.
  • Online employee time-tracking that’s easy & interactive.
  • User status: “Present”, “Absent”, “Break”, “Vacation”.
  • We welcome suggestions & develop the best of them.
  • Manage your staff & your business on the same screen.
  • Advanced time reports on employees, projects & budgets.
  • Our apps fit all your employees’ devices & screen sizes.
  • Fully scalable. The more you grow, you can upgrade.
  • We stand by the highest Swiss data privacy protocols.

Employees time-tracking: tools designed to suit you

Our mission is to deliver the smartest, safest and painless cloud accounting tools, so that our clients don’t waste time on tasks that are not part of their core business (such as bookkeeping, invoicing or financial reporting). We help them stick to what they’re passionate about and easily organize their business anytime, anywhere.

Showing startup doing Time Tracking | zistemo

Leading a project?

Why waste time with fiddly spreadsheets? Get smooth timesheet integration & staff reports, plus great timers, live time trackers & task progress overview.

Showing small business doing invoicing | zistemo

Running a business?

Forget chasing who is doing what. You have a business to run! Track time, then organize both staff & projects from your zistemo account.

Showing Freelancer doing expense tracking | zistemo

Do you have a startup?

Don’t overspend on costly software when you can get a professional & affordable employee time-tracking app. Each working second tracked brings more money.

Free automatic time tracker

Great Team Functions

With tools like Team Monitor or Team Calendar, pro-active team management becomes reality.

  • At any given time during the working hours, you know exactly who is working, on which tasks and for whom.
  • Team leaders or managers can immediately jump in to reassign, stop or speed up tasks.
  • In addition, the Slack integration gives you access to instant messaging and live notifications to simplify live team communication.

Employee time-tracking on the go

Wherever your team is, on-site or off-site, zistemo keeps you all connected.

  • The suite of employee time-tracking tools includes apps for iPhone, Android phones & tablets.
  • A painless way to log time, run timers and manage timesheets on the go.
  • Live synced employee time tracking: get alerts straight on your mobile whenever time log entries are changed.
Team Monitor zistemo
Time tracking reports zistemo

Powerful & slick staff reports

zistemo gives you all the employee time-tracking reports to help you make informed decisions for your business.

  • Create your own staff reports, then export and customize them as you wish.
  • Custom-made to fit all web browsers and screen sizes.
  • A painless way to keep track of team productivity and staff performance.

Employee Time Tracking app: top benefits of using zistemo

Save more money

Turn each working second into money. Minimize staff downtime, maximize staff allocation.

Get organized anytime, anywhere

Auto synced time sheets, work logs & all staff data across multiple devices.

Staff productivity tracker

Get accurate staff performance & time reports. Key employee KPIs in one dashboard.

Live chat & alerts on your mobile

Stay connected to your team. Get staff activity updates live, on your mobile, via Slack.

Smooth & full integration

Track employees’ time, run timers and turn timesheets into invoices. All features in one screen.

Painless & quick

Edit time entries within seconds. Stay updated on task progress thanks to live Calendar view.

Track your business performance live | zistemo

With zistemo you can track employee time from any device. 24/7

iPhone, Android phones & tablets. Yes, our time-tracking apps fit them all.

Designed for your employees. Ready to match all web browsers & display sizes.

Outsmart your competition!

Get more things done in less time. Make your clients and your team happy. Keep it simple and professional. Work smarter. Get paid faster!

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