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Why waste time creating excel invoice templates when we already have the best alternative over here? This is a completely Free Blanc Invoice Template in Excel format. Fully customizable – all you need to do is fill the template in with your invoicing data. Ultra professional excel invoice template that looks nice and neat.

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Excel Invoice Template | zistemo

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  • Recurring invoices feature available.
  • It automatically calculates invoice amounts & taxes.
  • Simple invoice export and sending out to your customerss.
  • Receive invoice activity alerts via Slack.

Frequently asked questions about excel invoice template

What is an excel invoice template?

An excel invoice template is essentially an invoice template created in an excel spreadsheet where you can fill in the goods or services you sold to your clients. Once created and saved, you can use this template each time you need to invoice someone. Having templates saves you a lot of effort. Instead of creating invoices from the scratch, you simply update the template you already created. Templates are a small step in the right direction: business automation. They’re part of an efficient invoicing system you can set up to get your business organized and avoid chasing late payments.

What makes the best invoice template excel?

When deciding which template to choose, always think that it’s supposed to help both you and your clients. Choose a layout that’s easy to read, has clear instructions and correct contact details. If you want to receive payments quick, remember to always have payment guidelines included in your template. For extra impact, it’s recommended to also feature your company logo. A nice design would also guarantee a good impression and make your invoices stand out. Keep it simple, tidy, good-looking and professional.

How to fill in an excel invoice template?

When filling the excel invoice template you will send out to your clients, it’s very important to double check everything, in order to avoid confusion or any errors that might lead to late payments.

Therefore, here’s a short checklist you should consider before hitting the “send” button:

  • dates: issue date and due date (due date helps clients schedule the payment, so they do it in a timely manner);
  • contact details: always verify the contact info for both you and your client before hitting “send”;
  • invoice number: each invoice should have an unique number so it can be identified easier afterwards (for shipping or tax purposes, for instance);
  • payment terms: mentioning payment terms and rules regarding late payments keeps your clients informed of what’s happening if they don’t pay on time for the services/products you delivered. The more info you provide, the faster you’ll get paid.
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