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Simplify time tracking and timesheet management with zistemo! Zistemo offers a full suite of integrated time tracking solutions for business. From hours tracking, to vacation management all in 1 place.

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  • Live Time Tracking App

    Whether working from home, attending business meetings on the go, or in an office, track your team’s time in real-time. Team members can easily add time and log in work hours from any smart device or computer, at their own pace. Logging out when taking off for lunch is as simple as a click or a tap.
  • Project Time Tracker

    Start tracking your time spent on projects and tasks now. Monitoring processes, checking activities and tasks progress helps you deliver projects on time and on budget. With zistemo project tracking is easy
  • Employee Timesheet Approvals

    Hello, automatic time entries! Let’s accelerate recording and managing timesheets. Capture employee performance and hours worked in one move. There’s no need to waste time with manual time entries or updating Excel timesheets anymore. Zistemo streamlines it all to deliver powerful timesheets.
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Andreas Pfister

One single tool for time tracking, invoicing, expenses and most importantly… profitability. Zistemo has turned out to be the only enterprise management tool required in order to optimize processes, finance, team and client management. It is the most complete tool on the market for agencies like us. The Zistemo team has shown extraordinary flexibility and speed with implementing new enhancements.

Andreas Pfister

Founder & CEO of All Around Digital


Georg Holz

You won't find more value for your money. As a professional service provider we need a detailed insight into our project times. We're now able to get full transparency on our project times. Any requests for timesheets or reports can be answered in minutes instead of hours as a self-service. Budgets and billing-methods are documented in a single place and applied automatically.
We are very happy with the responsiveness of the team behind Zistemo. Our questions and ideas were always answered within a day.

Georg Holz

Head of Expert Services at Mansystems


Eva Timurová

Zistemo is the best thing that could happened to us.
Saving timeand energy at the same time.

Eva Timurová

Team Lead at ProUP

Slovak Republic

Ruben Maier-Gerber

Speed, complete cloud solution, fast response times in support and implementation of new features. Proximity to the user and always an open ear for improvements. European safety standards.

Ruben Maier-Gerber

Managing Director at FFI Agentur GmbH


Enrico Aramini

We used zistemo for streamlining and monitoring daily workflows, sales and production.Before zistemo we had many days of endless invoicing, and we were never 100% sure we caught everything. Now it’s all done almost automatically on the 1th of every month.Zistemo’s flexibility, parametric customization and user’s access control won us from day 1.Oh, and their Customer service -always online and very helpful.We thoroughly recommend zistemo for all professional teams.

Enrico Aramini

President of HTC High Tech Consultant Corp


André Kälin

We are using zistemo for all our business processes. Creating estimates, manage projects, track time and send invoices.
With the attendance time module we even can give our staff members freedom to use the flex time model and manage their leaves and vacations efficiently. Also, customer service is outstanding!

André Kälin

CEO of Perspectix


Priska Stamm

Before zistemo, our invoice process was time-consuming and error-prone; and we had no clarity regarding the cash flow.
Zistemo, allows access to invoices at any time, and with automatic invoicing, we dropped the workload by 80%. We bill clients in different currencies, and we can get an overview of the cash flow at any given time and the zistemo team is always there to help. We really couldn’t ask for a better invoicing solution!

Priska Stamm

Key Account Manager at Softsolution International


Fabian Bergner

With Zistemo, we optimized our business workflows by combining a lot of processes into one enterprise management tool - notably time and expense tracking, project controlling, and invoicing. Gone are the days where we had to spend hours doing manual paperwork.
Zistemo helps us grow, and to better understand our projects in terms of resources and performance. This is both good for us AND our clients. With better business intelligence, we can offer better and more efficient services.

Fabian Bergner

CEO of LUX FUX Media


Hendrik Huerkamp

Before zistemo we struggled with terrible ERP UI. We needed an intuitive, time-saving service for all business processes. Zistemo is easy to use yet up for advanced configuration. Multi-Tool integration was easy possible using the Zistemo API.
Our special feature requests were solved asap. Now workflows, tracking time, creating invoices are much better and transparent. I thoroughly recommend zistemo for the people behind it and the clever features.

Hendrik Huerkamp

IT Manager at slashwhy GmbH & Co. KG


Employee time tracking software

Zistemo Time tracking software on different devices

Zistemo gives you so much more than just clock-in and clock-out. It’s time to work smarter, not harder. Do more with zistemo employee time tracking app. Measure performance against the budget for each team and every working hour tracked.

  • Customized time-tracking reports at both individual AND team levels.
  • Set up hourly rates for each team member and track work hours and billable hours against the budget
  • Personalized reminders for certain tasks, clocking in/out for breaks or lunch.
  • Synchronized time tracking for any personal device chosen to work from.

Seamless integration with leading Project Management Tools

Asana, Trello and Jira

And if you already track time with project management tools like Asana, Trello, and Jira, it’s even better! You can swiftly integrate them with zistemo and get the best of all worlds. Monitoring processes, checking activities and task progress helps you deliver projects on time and on budget.

  • Instantly link and sync up to 1000 tasks or subtasks per Asana project.
  • Close-to-native multi-platform integration with your favorite workspaces.
  • Unified project budgeting, invoicing, time-tracking reports on-the-go.

Role Based Timesheet Approvals

Ensure employees, department leaders, and project managers have a hassle-free timesheet approval workflow, with one-click timesheet submission, rejection, and approval convenience. Enjoy a whole suite of linked automatic timesheet reminders, customized for assigned users, groups, or teams.

  • Supporting multiple authorization levels for maximum accuracy.
  • Split and customize approval workflow to specific projects.
  • Ensure all online employee timesheet data meets guidelines, budgets, and deadlines.

Boost efficiency by comparing project time with attendance time

Our feature-rich solution helps team leaders and managers understand how employees spend their time at work. By generating dynamic reports that link flexi-time, overtime, absences, and payrolls they can visualize project profitability, then optimize time, labor costs, and productivity.

  • Swiftly identity where employee time is “leaking” at any given time.
  • Coordinate, organize, delegate or even reorganize tasks when needed.
  • Spot differences between punch-ins and punch-outs and logged project time.

Professional invoicing as easy as it can be

Taking work time tracking one step further. Zistemo is your portal to swift and easy invoicing. Control invoices and payment reminders at a glance from your smart dashboard. Customize branded invoices your way, with the invoice creator. Do you want to save even more time? Recurring invoices do the trick with a click!

  • Automate and turn timesheets into professional invoices in a few easy steps.
  • Set up your own invoicing cycles, pre-billing conditions, and approvalsworkflow.
  • Personalize invoice templates as you wish and access multi-client international invoicing.

Professional Time Tracking Software for Business

The intuitive zistemo interface helps you access the smartest online features for employee and project time tracking. Easily integrate timesheets into project management while simplifying the billing process. Get organized with advanced easy-to-use time reports, filtered by clients, projects, tasks or users.

Flex Time Models

Give your team the freedom to begin and end work at different times or within special intervals beyond the 9-5 standard. Help them be more creative by allowing them to work whenever they feel productive or from different time zones. The zistemo time tracking is as dynamic as your business.

Detailed work time reporting

Access meaningful reports that ensure tasks are organized, structured, and scheduled properly, on a daily basis. Spot any time-wasting activities, the impact of invisible tasks, admin, or frequent internal meetings. Make accurate, insightful predictions regarding deadlines, costs, and project outcomes.

Time and attendance management

See the bigger picture, then save more time and money while you’re at it. Zistemo automates, speeds up, organizes, and simplifies time and attendance management, with further integration into linked business operations such as effective invoicing and payrolls. Get more things done, faster.

Accurate time management

The handy zistemo time tracker helps you manage multiple tasks and projects with a few clicks. After tracking or logging working hours, you can easily invoice your clients. Accurate time billing and project management is here.

Tracking progress in real-time

Keep an eye on staff progress compared to business KPIs and estimated time for specific tasks. Our smart, quick and user-friendly time tracking software is a click away. Whether you are a freelancer or a big company you'll get all access to great time and invoicing functionality. Go to our pricing plans or start a free trial.

Simple and Intuitive

The zistemo Time Tracking Software is anything but dull or frustrating. Its clean interface makes time-tracking easy, regardless of your knowledge, skills or experience. Boost you productivity with ONE tool.

Advanced holiday scheduling

Effective time-off planning with time and attendance systems for small businesses

Your personal time card machine

Time recording software with individual time card calculator for each employee

Dynamic Flex Time Tracking

Customize, handle and automate employee time tracking for different flex time rules, on the cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions about the zistemo Time Tracker

How to track time of your employees?

Whether you adopt a strict 9-5 time rule or you give employees the freedom to choose their most convenient clock-in and -out times, keeping track of their work hours can be simplified by using a clever time-tracking features. Employees just need to install an app, then simply log in and log out of tasks. Their track record is continuously updated and synced. Manual edits are allowed, just in case, they forget to clock out for lunch breaks, for instance. At any time, superiors can check what everyone is working on. Time tracking apps deliver time automation at its best. Zistemo is fully compatible with Google Chrome, iOs, and all mobile devices.

How to keep track of work hours and employee vacation time?

Most time tracking software has a dynamic and comprehensive time attendance system, that doesn’t just monitor working hours but also registers paid or unpaid leaves, holidays, and any type of time off. The built-in team calendars help team leaders and project managers see in a glimpse not only on workdays but also how and when vacation time was allocated and to whom. Great-looking time-reports can also be generated.

Why use employee time tracking tools?

Employee time tracking tools help both the companies and their employees. By using a simple time tracker, people achieve better self-management, reinforced individual accountability, and enhanced productivity. For companies, the benefits of time-tracking vary from improved efficiency, achieving consistent employee arrival times when needed, to greater productivity and minimized costs (by reducing downtime).

Why use time tracking software?

Time tracking software, tools, and apps are extremely useful because they help to recognize and eliminate unproductive tasks. By including mobile attendance tools, they help employees keep accurate and complete time logs while ensuring compliance with wider or group-specific company rules. The time tracking reports they generate provide valuable statistical data that can be a great starting point towards improving processes, redirecting resources, or delegating tasks at the right time. Business owners can monitor people and costs live, keep all resources well-aligned, and take more-informed strategic and tactical decisions.

What is the best time tracking software?

The best time tracking software could include features that keep and track team time and work progress in real-time, monitor employee location through GPS tracking, send custom reminders when employees forget to clock in or send timesheets. Features and interface must be intuitive, easy to use, setup and integrate with other project management or employee monitoring tools. Ideally, they would allow invoicing and contribute to running payrolls. Time tracking app should be available on different devices, from desktop to mobile app.

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