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Staff can log, edit and submit hours from their personal devices. Next, the timesheet approval process runs smoothly, just like a Swiss clock (BTW, we are a Swiss company!). Team leaders and managers instantly get alerts on their phone. They can request changes, edit or approve timesheets. All synced in real-time.

Flexible timesheet approval

Timesheet approval process wastes your time? With our timesheet mobile app, it’s all streamlined. Just a few clicks to set it up, and it’s done.

Live mobile notifications

With Slack integration, all staff is a chat box away. Receive live alerts about tasks, projects or expenses. Organize and approve timesheets on the go.

Mobile time tracking

Thousands of employees all over the world are using zistemo to track time spend on projects and tasks, from any mobile device.

Simplify Employee TIME tracking WITH 1 mobile app

  • Track time and master detailed timesheets with our mobile timesheet app. Access employee logged hours, synchronized in real-time, across multiple devices.
  • The zistemo App is easy to use from any phone, laptop or tablet. No tutorials needed. The user-friendly design makes it accessible and even fun for all your employees.
  • Discover the smartest app for tracking employees time, projects and tasks. Painless, accurate, intuitive.

Smart employee timesheet app and beautiful reports

There’s more than simple timesheet management. We’ve taken the clear employee time management manipulation a step further. The access is based on role admin rights and timesheet permissions. So zistemo will help you turn your staff’s logged hours into beautiful productivity reports and even into invoices with just a few clicks.

Live Time Tracking is here!

The timesheet app and our live time-tracking tools are here to digitalize your business on the cloud. Business 4.0. is the future. Thousands of companies around the world are already there. Test zistemo today, for free and see how it all your invoicing, time tracking, budgeting, project tracking and timesheet management can run smoothly. Get your business data on the zistemo Swiss cloud to drive your team forward.

The zistemo timesheet mobile app

zistemo mobile app is the smartest app to manage your employees. Why?

  • Most cost effective app for keeping track of work hours.
  • Time roundings that will automatically adjust timers on your projects.
  • Pain-free weekly and monthly team timesheets with performance graphs.
  • Auto reminders for timesheet submission and for time tracking.
  • Smooth and error-free timesheet flow, with team leaders being able to review, approve or reject timesheets on the go.
  • Tracked time automatically syncs across differrent devices in real time.

Mobile Timesheets FAQ

What are mobile timesheets?

Mobile timesheets are online records of working hours logged by employees from their phones, tablets or any similar devices. People track time using various timers, websites, apps or software solutions. The data is then stored on the cloud, synced with other integrated business tools and after approval, mobile timesheets will be invoiced to the client.

Why should I use mobile timesheets?

Bring your own device (BYOD) is here to stay. It’s based on the fact that 95% of employees use at least one mobile device for work. In order to keep up, companies have to adapt and use mobile apps, websites or software that sync online time-tracking data. Mobile timesheet apps and time trackers are among the “must haves” of the business tools in the digital era. They simplify timesheet approval, invoicing, reporting with intuitive features, auto reminders, time adjusters, data import and export. All possible from any portable device. A few taps, and it’s all sorted with no aches and no wasted time.

What are the benefits of mobile timesheets?

  • Flexible time tracking and timesheet management.
  • The ability to track time, task progress, projects and budgets from any mobile device.
  • Logging time from any remote location.
  • Auto cross-device data sync via a mobile timesheet app.
  • Smooth timesheet approval flow.
  • Neat and accurate time reports are a click/tap away.
  • Painless timesheet invoicing.
  • Reducing downtime and streamlining team communication.
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Manage your team’s time from anywhere

Access simplified timesheet management. It’s time to minimize downtime and better organize your team, your time and your team timesheets. With our employee timesheet app, you’re in for accurate time-tracking tools that are easy to use by everyone.

Andreas Pfister

One single tool for time tracking, invoicing, expenses and most importantly… profitability. Zistemo has turned out to be the only enterprise management tool required in order to optimize processes, finance, team and client management. It is the most complete tool on the market for agencies like us. The Zistemo team has shown extraordinary flexibility and speed with implementing new enhancements.

Andreas Pfister

Founder & CEO of All Around Digital


Georg Holz

You won't find more value for your money. As a professional service provider we need a detailed insight into our project times. We're now able to get full transparency on our project times. Any requests for timesheets or reports can be answered in minutes instead of hours as a self-service. Budgets and billing-methods are documented in a single place and applied automatically.
We are very happy with the responsiveness of the team behind Zistemo. Our questions and ideas were always answered within a day.

Georg Holz

Head of Expert Services at Mansystems


Eva Timurová

Zistemo is the best thing that could happened to us.
Saving timeand energy at the same time.

Eva Timurová

Team Lead at ProUP

Slovak Republic

Ruben Maier-Gerber

Speed, complete cloud solution, fast response times in support and implementation of new features. Proximity to the user and always an open ear for improvements. European safety standards.

Ruben Maier-Gerber

Managing Director at FFI Agentur GmbH


Enrico Aramini

We used zistemo for streamlining and monitoring daily workflows, sales and production.Before zistemo we had many days of endless invoicing, and we were never 100% sure we caught everything. Now it’s all done almost automatically on the 1th of every month.Zistemo’s flexibility, parametric customization and user’s access control won us from day 1.Oh, and their Customer service -always online and very helpful.We thoroughly recommend zistemo for all professional teams.

Enrico Aramini

President of HTC High Tech Consultant Corp


André Kälin

We are using zistemo for all our business processes. Creating estimates, manage projects, track time and send invoices.
With the attendance time module we even can give our staff members freedom to use the flex time model and manage their leaves and vacations efficiently. Also, customer service is outstanding!

André Kälin

CEO of Perspectix


Priska Stamm

Before zistemo, our invoice process was time-consuming and error-prone; and we had no clarity regarding the cash flow.
Zistemo, allows access to invoices at any time, and with automatic invoicing, we dropped the workload by 80%. We bill clients in different currencies, and we can get an overview of the cash flow at any given time and the zistemo team is always there to help. We really couldn’t ask for a better invoicing solution!

Priska Stamm

Key Account Manager at Softsolution International


Fabian Bergner

With Zistemo, we optimized our business workflows by combining a lot of processes into one enterprise management tool - notably time and expense tracking, project controlling, and invoicing. Gone are the days where we had to spend hours doing manual paperwork.
Zistemo helps us grow, and to better understand our projects in terms of resources and performance. This is both good for us AND our clients. With better business intelligence, we can offer better and more efficient services.

Fabian Bergner

CEO of LUX FUX Media


Hendrik Huerkamp

Before zistemo we struggled with terrible ERP UI. We needed an intuitive, time-saving service for all business processes. Zistemo is easy to use yet up for advanced configuration. Multi-Tool integration was easy possible using the Zistemo API.
Our special feature requests were solved asap. Now workflows, tracking time, creating invoices are much better and transparent. I thoroughly recommend zistemo for the people behind it and the clever features.

Hendrik Huerkamp

IT Manager at slashwhy GmbH & Co. KG


Transparent team communication

Master transparent team communication. zistemo online time tracker is integrated with a suite of live time-tracking tools, including instant messaging via Slack. This means that all staff can see in real-time who is available, who is working, who is on holiday or on a short break. It’s simple, intuitive and straightforward. See where your team’s time is going!

Know the progress of tasks and projects, step by step.

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