Experience unparalleled flexibility with zistemo, the innovative project management app. Unlike any other tool, zistemo empowers you to effortlessly work with diverse billing and budgeting methods. Seamlessly create custom invoices from project timesheets, all while maintaining your corporate design. Additionally, zistemo generates tailored reports to cater to your unique requirements.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into your individual business processes, zistemo liberates you from the constraints of traditional tools. Embrace a solution that truly works for you. Don't miss the chance to revolutionize your project management with zistemo, unlocking new levels of efficiency and productivity.

Explore how easy it is to manage complex projects in zistemo


Project overview

In the project overview, you can find all the important details about each project at a glance.

Here you can create new projects and update the project status manually.

Keep control of your projects effortlessly and effectively.


Visualize a project as a Kanban board or list

Contemporary working with projects as lists or agile projects with board views.

The advantage of a Kanban board or list view is its powerful ability to visualize workloads, streamline workflows and increase efficiency by visualizing tasks, their progress and potential bottlenecks.


Create a new project - as an empty project

When you create a new project, you enter the basic information and the specific details for this project.

You can either create a project from scratch or based on an approved quote so that you don't have to re-enter the data each time.


Create a new project - via templates

If you often work with similar projects, you can create a project based on a predefined template.

This saves you time, you benefit from an existing project structure and you don't have to enter basic data and tasks again and again.

Simplify your workflow today with zistemo.


Add team members to the project

Add the required team members to your project.

You can assign either individual team members or entire teams to the project. This enables efficient collaboration and better adaptability to the needs of the project.


Add tasks

With the introduction of modern time tracking tools, adding tasks to a project has never been easier. With just one click, you can effortlessly add tasks to your project.

Whether you want to create new tasks or load predefined tasks from your library, everything is simple and intuitive.


Assign tasks to team members

To optimize productivity and maximize success, you can assign either specific employees or entire teams to the task, depending on the requirements of the task.

This approach allows for greater efficiency and ensures that the project is well aligned with your goals.


Billing methods for a project

As with everything in zistemo, you are also flexible in this case. You have the option of billing projects using one of 7 different methods:

  • Hourly Task Rate
  • Hourly Project Rate
  • Flat Project Amount
  • Flat Amount For Tasks
  • Hourly Staff Rate
  • Staff Day Rate
  • Task Day Rate

Flexible project budgets

There are 4 different budgeting methods available to you in zistemo:

  • Hours per Staff: The budgeted hours are based on the number of project working hours of each project member.
  • Hours per Task: The budgeted hours are calculated based on the hours spent.
  • Total project costs: There is a total budget for the entire project. You can separate between project-related and general operating costs.
  • Total project hours: All hours for the entire project are budgeted.

Time recording: more than just start and stop

Time tracking isn't just about counting hours; it's about making every hour count.

Whether you're a project manager juggling multiple projects or an executive looking to optimize your team's productivity, effective time tracking can revolutionize the way you work.


Effective communication as a component for successful projects.

Zistemo revolutionizes project communication.

It serves as a central place where all project-relevant information is stored and can be accessed by team members, promoting transparency and ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

By simplifying communication, Zistemo not only increases the efficiency of the team, but also improves the quality of work.


The revolution in personnel planning.

With zistemo, companies are able to plan ahead for their workforce needs, identify potential bottlenecks and make data-driven decisions that lead to greater efficiency and success.

zistemo is not just a useful tool, it is a game changer in modern digital workforce planning.


Approval of project working hours from a team member's perspective

As a team member, you check your recorded hours and summarize them in a weekly or monthly report. Submit your weekly report to your supervisor for approval.

Once submitted, no one can change the weekly report.


Approval of project working hours from a supervisor's perspective

Here you will find a detailed overview of all your employees' working time reports. You can switch between weeks with just one click.

Keep the overview! In this overview, you have a quick view of all pending reports that need to be checked by you.


Team Monitor

With Team Monitor's real-time updates, you can keep track of your team's activities. You can see who is working on what, stay informed about progress and never miss anything again.

Easily keep track of your team's productivity and status.


Track project expenses

Of course, there are also additional project-related costs that can be allocated to each individual project.

Whether you charge these costs to the client or allocate them to the project for budget tracking is up to you.

Take control of financial project decisions and maximize project efficiency.


Create project invoices with one click

With the invoice wizard, you can quickly and effortlessly create sophisticated invoices in different formats for your project.

zistemo also allows you to integrate your corporate design for seamless invoicing.

You can attach a detailed time sheet to the invoice and decide which period you want to invoice


Wide range of options for invoicing

Combine multiple projects into a single invoice.

Easily record products, travel expenses and other costs in a single, unified invoice.

Say goodbye to headaches and hello to a more streamlined and efficient invoicing process.


Your invoice - your corporate design

One of the advantages of zistemo, which makes your day-to-day business much easier, is the design flexibility you have when creating each document.

You can develop your invoice forms in the zistemo template editor entirely in your corporate design.

Of course, you can change these templates at any time.


Customizable reports

Create individual reports that are tailored to your projects.

Easily define criteria such as clients, projects, project status, teams involved or contributors.

You can also group reports simply by user or task to optimize your project management process.


Custom SQL queries and reports

Custom SQL queries provide a powerful and personalized way to gather valuable data and analysis.

By using these customized tools, users can gain detailed insight to make smarter decisions.