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Online Employee Time Clock Calculator

Escalation Rules that work like magic

Our hassle-free Traffic Lights design made flextime rules very easy to track and handle. For instance, excessive accumulation of overtime or absences can be spotted right away – they’ll be in red.

  • Customize your flextime rules within seconds.
  • Set up who receives notifications for broken rules.
  • Manage shift swaps on the go.
  • Trace and prevent unproductive or costly work patterns.

Intuitive and automatically linked with a powerful suite of time features, attendance management and time cards — this is Business 4.0 at its best.

Employee Time Tracking on any device

Forget paper timesheets. Give your employees the freedom to log hours from their phone. Our cool time clock app tracks working hours on the go and allows supervisors to:

  • Instantly notice earliness-lateness trends.
  • Get notifications about excessive overtime or absences.
  • Customize core time and flex time rules on the go.

Everybody, from morning people to night owls can now deliver great work at their most convenient place and time.

Week attendance
Attendance Schedule

Easy-to-use Time and Attendance Schedule

Manage all staff working hours, sickness, vacations, lunch break rules and absences from your favorite browser.

  • A bird’s-eye view of your flex time policies.
  • Includes nice-looking time grids and graphs.
  • Hours deficit or surplus alerts available.
  • Advanced settings for lunch breaks and short breaks.

Reap the benefits of flex time at no extra costs nor efforts. Once you set it up, it simply works.

How Flex Time works FAQ

What is flex time policy?

A flex time policy is a flexible time scheme used by companies to organize working hours, allowing different starting and departure times. It usually includes a fixed “core time” interval – for instance from 10 am to 4 pm – when all employees must be in the office.

How can companies streamline flex time jobs?

By using the best time and attendance software, with time clock apps and digital time calculators, businesses can now easily accommodate and manage as many time arrangements as they wish. From tracking remote working, to scheduling shifts for production units or dealing with part-time employees, managers can now escalate and review time data from any device, within seconds.

How to track flex time?

The best way to track flex time is to use the right time and attendance software – a system that tracks, monitors and automates your employees’ time logs online, on the cloud. Users (including supervisors) can review time records from any web browser on their iPhone, Android phone or tablet, desktop or laptop.

Why is flex time important to employees?

Flex time enables employees to work when they’re more productive. Instead of forcing them to comply with a one-size-fits-all 9-5 schedule, you offer them the chance to find the perfect balance between their personal life and their professional life. For instance, they can pick up kids from school, leave early or late in order to avoid rush hours – all is possible within some limits you get to set up.

Why flex time works?

Flex time policies work because they have a working plan for all staff. From creative marketing teams to individuals with special needs and contractors or factory workers, there’s a flex time model that perfectly fits every department and individual. For employers, flex time means reduced time theft, enhanced productivity and happier employees.

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Rule your own Flex time models from any device

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Work is no longer a place. Work is whenever your employees feel productive and give their best.

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