Business Performance Metrics on 1 Screen

See all your financial KPIs on one screen

See what makes your business tick!

MoneyPenny dashboards get all your critical business data on one screen. At any time, you can:

  • configure the dashboard panels as you wish
  • compile customized reports focused on clients, staff or projects
  • change date ranges to compare and display data from previous days, weeks, months and years.

No mess. No fuss. KPIs for freelancers, small business owners and startups, we cover them all.

Performance analysis of data and financial metrics

Smart business decisions

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) might be difficult to understand for freelancers and startups. Get instant access to key business intelligence! The detailed reports available on MoneyPenny help you:

  • turn your data into money faster
  • create accurate budgets
  • set better sales goals
  • track progress with one easy-to-use dashboard.

With MoneyPenny, you see all the important data on one page. Make smarter business decisions based on real facts.

Business performance with detailed company data

Get the bigger picture

MoneyPenny doesn’t just pull out a list of logged hours or invoices. It helps Business Managers see the bigger picture:

  • where team members spend their time
  • the over dues
  • cash inflows and outflows.

Now it’s easy to assess performance, monitor trends and identify process improvement opportunities.

Client Dashboard

Detailed client overview helps to assess KPIs

Detailed client overview helps to assess KPIs

Who is your best client? Keep client data safe and wrapped up in one page. Featuring: ongoing projects, lifetime value, client details, client account statements and invoice history.

Business Dashboard

Business dashboard for better control projects and finance

For a better control of your projects & finances

All your business data in one place? Yes, that’s MoneyPenny. Sort invoices and payments by category. See logged hours and consolidated timesheet reports. Take a closer look at your recent activities.

Project Dashboard

Project dashboard presents budget, KPI, completed tasks and expenses

Your budgets, KPIs, completed tasks & expenses

Get organized and have all important project data available in one place. Your budget, completed tasks, expenses, money transactions and project activities. It’s all there.

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