Smart project tracking and budgeting

Built for small businesses

Smart project progress management

Project tracking made easy

MoneyPenny is a complete management toolbox for small businesses. Now you can:

  • simultaneously manage as many projects as you can
  • cover staff & client communication and finances at the same time
  • easily create and track projects with multiple staff members.

Join MoneyPenny to have instant access to staff rates, task rates and project hours from any device.

Project planning and tracking

Track progress in real time

MoneyPenny is here to help startups projects access business intelligence for free:

  • assign tasks to individuals or teams within seconds
  • track project progress in real time
  • meet your budget, track time and analyze projects on the go.

Our centralized communication system makes collaborations simple and efficient.

Intelligent project dashboard

Get beyond numbers

Don’t just pull out a list of logged hours! With MoneyPenny Project Dashboard, you:

  • get deeper insights
  • see the bigger picture, not just numbers
  • turn business data into money.

Plus, we cover multiple languages and all currencies. Join MoneyPenny and expand your business. Cross borders. We’re here to help you make smart business decisions.

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