7 Tips for Nurturing and Managing Leads for Your IT Company

We all know that in the IT industry, managing leads is key. It’s how you generate business and get your name out there. But even with a good lead management system, it can be hard to keep up with everything when you have so many other responsibilities on your plate.


A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Increase Employee Productivity

Companies are always trying to evaluate employee productivity. But how do you measure employee productivity? Productivity tracking is something that companies are trying to unlock to better employee productivity. The best productivity planners out there might be able to help, but you need to know how to calculate productivity.


How You Can Improve Time Management for Your Team

A bad time management system will always bring out the worst results for any team. Apart from not meeting your deadlines, you will also miss out on the whole world that exists out of your cubicle.



We live in a century of drastic changes and evolvement. Furthermore, these modifications occur in all spheres of public activity such as medicine, tourism, trade, service sectors and so on.


8 Tricks to Install an Atmosphere of Happiness at Your Workplace

Happy employees tend to be more creative and dedicated than unhappy ones. And they are likely to stick with you in the long-term. As you are going to see, creating an atmosphere of happiness at your workplace is not difficult.


15 Awesome Tips For People Working Remotely

Looking to capitalize on your efficiency whereas working remotely? It is not constantly simple. Plus, even the most experienced work-from-home personnel can, at times, struggle. Indeed, since you typically do not have a boss watching over your shoulder to ensure you are working— remote jobs can essentially be more difficult to get right than a typical desk job.


How to Improve Engagement of Your Team During Uncertain Times

No one in this world loves being uncertain. Whether it’s a reorganization at your business or political turmoil your employees will be concerned about their careers and future. What should you do as a manager?


Coronavirus – Work remotely and keep your business going

It is okay to argue that this present predicament is not similar to any other encountered by entrepreneurs before, and it is discouraging attempting to confront all of the distinctive problems it brings.


Time Tracking in Asana – Step by Step Guide

What is Asana? Asana is a loved and useful management tool that allows business people to manage different tasks. The platform is available on mobile devices and desktop to allow users to track the team’s process while monitoring their performance.

Time Tracking

Cloud security

Cloud security is also known as cloud computing security, which involves a broad set of technologies, applications, and other associated infrastructure that protects virtualized IP and network security. This basically shields data and any other information in a computer network from external attacks and more broadly, malware.


Daily rate, hourly rate or agree on a fixed price?

Deciding whether to settle for an hourly or daily rate as a self-employed person is important for every creative or craftsman. Whether you start looking for work or go for contracts, hiring agents and recruitment firms will ask one question “what is your contract rate?


Business Agility 101: Going Agile as a Small Business

Agile methodologies or business agility: what software developers have adapted all over the world is now making its way into business management. What is agile business, and how can you become truly agile?

Business Management Small Business The Future of Work

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