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A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Increase Employee Productivity

Companies are always trying to evaluate employee productivity. But how do you measure employee productivity? Productivity tracking is something that companies are trying to unlock to better employee productivity.

The best productivity planners out there might be able to help, but you need to know how to calculate productivity. Further, tools likezistemo can help with organization and tracking.

Creativity and Business Success

Factors Which Influence Employee Productivity

Organizational leadership is crucial to combatting low productivity and developing an attitude to better implement time management activities. There are productivity measurements that can help businesses gauge their teams.

Part of it is simply knowing your teams and the factors, like burnout, that can lead to less productive work environments.

How to Calculate Productivity of Your Employees

The best way to evaluate employee productivity is to use a productivity tracking formula. Through this productivity formula, you can accurately measure employee productivity. Factors can vary from business to business based on a number of factors.

There can also be some variances that may look like productivity is down when really it is not. This is still a new practice and will take some time to fully iron out how it works. The formula, generally speaking, is productivity is equal to total output divided by total input.

You can use these measurements to look at the productivity of each employee. But you should also be evaluating the environment. Good employees can lose productivity if they are trapped in an environment that is not conducive to remaining productive. By fostering that environment, you can be sure that your team is staying on task and not devolving into activities that will take their minds out of the game.


How to Increase Employee Productivity in 3 Easy Steps

Businesses that are looking to improve employee productivity can start with these three simple steps. Productivity issues are a struggle for a lot of businesses. It is the human element. Even the most successful companies look for ways to improve their productivity.

What those steps look like can differ depending on the situation and environment. Some businesses need just a slight push in the right direction. Others need a complete overhaul to get working conditions back on track.

No matter where your business falls, use the following steps to increase employee productivity. It is about developing cultural changes and those can take time. But stick with it and you should see major differences in workplace productivity.

1. Create a Modern Workplace for Employees

Emotional intelligence in the workplace is an underrated aspect of it all. Employee productivity ties to things like integrity in the workplace. It ties to getting along and having the right setting and atmosphere to do the job.

Things like workplace retaliation should not be tolerated. There are many workplace options available to companies today. Finding one that is welcoming, inviting, and fosters the best out of employees is of the utmost importance.

Those workplaces that have petty infighting are the ones that suffer a lack of productivity most. While there is no way to completely eliminate that – people are going to be people – there are methods that can help limit the actions of those types of people.

Remember that creating an effective, productive workplace is about getting your employees to work together. When there is infighting and discomfort, it becomes impossible for the team to come together as one.

Team Creativity and Brainstorming

How to get creative on the spot? It’s not that hard - but you have to be bold. (Photo by | UBER IMAGES)

2. Allow Hybrid Work Schedule for Employees

The ability to travel and work remotely has proven its benefits. If 2020 taught us anything, it is that remote teams can be just as, if not more, effective than we realized. There were businesses that didn’t even know the answer to “what is remote work” that now do so seamlessly.

Jobs with flexible hours are also hugely beneficial in terms of improving productivity. Full-time jobs should be no different than part-time jobs with flexible hours. Finding the best places to work remotely and just getting out of the office can keep employees feeling rejuvenated and ready to work.

Some businesses are strict about employees being in the building. But times are changing and that is becoming less of a necessity these days. As more and more businesses make the shift to hybrid work schedules, there will be a greater understanding of what they can offer.

3. Encourage Employees and Reward Them

We have heard of employees with zero motivation. Learning how to encourage someone, how to encourage one another, is something that should be rewarded. Reward power can be enough motivation for an employee, whether they are naturally a hard worker or not.

Providing incentives is something that workplaces need to do. With pay rates remaining stagnant over the last decade, employees are finding that in most places their efforts are not being rewarded. For that reason, the best organizations need to do the recognizing.

Creating a healthy, productive workplace environment means fostering and supporting employees. The only feedback should not be of the negative variety. Tell employees when they are doing well. Talk to them constructively when things are not. This approach alone can have a major impact on workplace productivity in the long run.


There are more than a few ways to improve the overall levels of productivity within an organization. It takes some tweaking and a few different paths to find the right formula. It ultimately comes down to the team that you have put together and what they respond to.

Ultimately, the best work environments are the ones that are not afraid of change. They respect and care for their employees and want to create the right environment for them. Whether that means the practices laid out above or something else entirely is up to you.

But there is one truth and that is “happy employees make for productive employees.” If you wonder why productivity levels have dropped, perhaps the reason is due to employee satisfaction. Try making employees happier and you won’t have quite the same issues.


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