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It is an old cliche that in the world of business, time is money. But, this is certainly true: the more time efficient your business is, the more money you will save as well.

zistemo offers you state of the art time management solutions, which automate key aspects of your business operations. Now that you are no longer performing these tasks manually, you will find that you have several extra hours in your working week. From customizing reminders and alerts to make your business more efficient to automatically generating timesheets and invoices, zistemo can completely overhaul the way your business manages its time. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things that zistemo can do for you in terms of saving time and money.

How can I use auto-billing and invoicing?

Creating and checking timesheets and turning those into invoices is one of the most time consuming admin tasks of any business. zistemo makes this process completely automatic: think how many precious hours you will save as a result! zistemo can create timesheets for each employee working on a project, and automatically covert those timesheets into invoices for a client and salary for an employee. In addition, zistemo ’s software can then automatically bill the client and send them a reminder when their bill has not been paid. Estimates can be converted to invoices with a single click, and invoices can be created to any time frame.

Can I manage my time on my own terms with zistemo?

It sounds like zistemo has its own system worked out for saving your business time and money, and indeed that is true: we have worked out the most efficient and user friendly way to make your business more time efficient and thus more cost efficient. However, we also recognize that all businesses are unique and that it is also important to ensure that time management software is tailored to suit the needs of an individual freelancer or business. So, we enable you to customize significant aspects of our software, such as the frequency of invoices and alerts, the due date of invoices, payment units, currency, and so on. It is easy to input these details into our system. And, if your workload increases or decreases for any reason, you can also alter the time units in a few clicks.

So how does this software help my business?

This software for managing time has plenty of benefits for your business. Most of all, it enables you to focus on taking your business forward and developing your strategies, rather than spending many hours a week doing admin tasks. As your employees’ hours are clocked and logged easily and automatically, it also helps you to keep track of how much work is being done on a given project without any effort required on your part. And, of course, digitizing and automating processes helps to make them much more accurate into the bargain.

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