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Time Tracking in Asana – Step by Step Guide


What is Asana?

Asana is a loved and useful management tool that allows business people to manage different tasks. The platform is available on mobile devices and desktop to allow users to track the team’s process while monitoring their performance.

Its straightforward design and choice of integration change into a to-do list steroids, with a focus, put on empowering workers to interact with one another and hold themselves accountable for getting tasks completed.

Here, we will talk about the importance of tracking time using Asana.

4 Reasons to track time with Asana

Time tracking is an essential function of any business. The majority of companies tend to charge their customers by an hour, and they require an effective way of monitoring every activity. Additionally, product-based companies want to know how workers spend their time to know when the team is almost full. Time tracking will help business owners identify bottlenecks that consume time unnecessarily.

4 key advantages of Asana time tracking using Zistemo

  1. Insights

The information you will collect from time tracking will allow you to understand what is happening in your business. The information can help you make a better business decision and focus on the development and implement the strategies well.

  1. Improvement

When you trace where your workers spend most of their time, you will have a chance to improve productivity by eliminating or outsourcing straightforward tasks. This will result in improvement since employees will spend enough time on more important tasks rather than sweating on minor stuff.

  1. Transparency

Every person has a narration about an individual or business partner whose work is baffling such that no one understands their roles. Don’t allow that happen to one of your workers. Instead, time tracking allows you to know what your workers are doing during working hours.

  1. Efficiency

If you are invoicing customers depending on time use, the time tracking system will automatically produce invoices and reports.

Zistemo – The Project Time Tracker

Asana has both advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that it does not come with a time tracking system. This is due to various reasons like they have channelled their efforts into streamlining the workflow procedure. While this is a good thing, the absence of time tracking limits its usage if you intend to monitor the total time taken for some tasks to be completed. For this reason, Asana requires you to use zistemo as an integration software.

3 Main reasons to use Zistemo project time tracker

There are numerous reasons why you need to integrate Asana with zistemo.

  • The integration process is easy

With zistemo integration, your employees will track their time from Asana. This means that they won’t have to change tabs or install apps, and they don’t require additional training to know how to use the software. Since it is an Asana integration, it is made to work like it’s an original part of the interface.

  • Improved estimates

When you’ve information that indicates how various duties will take, you will be able to offer realistic estimates and make realistic timing. You won’t have to depend on gut feelings and but your decisions will be based on the data you have.

  • Efficient invoices

When it comes to charging your clients depending on the time you consume on their accounts, every minute is essential. You need to make sure the invoices are accurate since you don’t want to give away work for free by underreporting your working time.

The most encouraging aspect of the time tracking system is that you will start witnessing the benefits immediately. Once your Asana is integrated with zistemo, your team can begin tracking their time, your management team will start analyzing the data, and your business will start running efficiently. 

A Step by Step Guide to Tracking Time in Asana

  1. Set up your zistemo account

  2. To start tracking time with Asana you need to integrate it with Zistemo. So go to Zistemo and start your 14 day FREE Trial. All you need to do is to add your name and email adress, no credit card required 🙂

  3. Connect Asana with your zistemo account

  4. Once you registered with zistemo, all you need to do is to connect Asana.

    Go to your profile -> Integrations and and click “add integration”. Choose Asana. If you want to earn more go integration with Asana

  5. Create Project in Asana

  6. Now, as your integration is completed and you are fully set up, you can start easily to create a project.

    Zistemo will sync all projects you have access in your account. Sync happens automatically, so all new projects that you create in Asana will be automatically added to your zistemo account.

    If at any point you will rename the task or project name in Asna, they will also automatically be changed in Zistemo

    Create Project in Asana

    Choose your preferred template and name your project as you desire.

    Create Tasks in Asana

    Your tasks an projects will be synchronized. If it doesn’t synchronize automatically, you will see a synch button in the task tap.

    Your Asana Project will show up in zistemo

    Also your tasks

  7. Tracking time in Asana

  8. Finally, we can move to tracking time in Asana.

    To track time properly fo all your Asana tasks, you need to add an extension. You can download them now:

    Chrome ,    Firefox ,    Opera.

  9. Tracking time in Asana

Simply click the „Tracking Button“ in the task you want to start tracking time. 

The Timer starts tracking time:  

Also you will see the tracked time in your zistemo Project  

Another way to track time is by opening the task in Asana as shown below:  You can add time, edit time and edit budget directly in Asana

Keep an eye on total time spent on projects

On top you can also see the sum of all team entries and the sum of all task budgets

As you can see – time tracking in Asana is very simple. Just using the right tools makes your work more efficient. With zistemo you can automate your work, improve productivity and issue invoices in no time.

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