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We live in a century of drastic changes and evolvement. Furthermore, these modifications occur  in all spheres of public activity such as medicine, tourism, trade, service sectors and so on.

Especially last year, due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, we came to realize that the twenty-first century is the period of advanced technologies and enhanced equipment. 

Therefore, time requires a significant alteration in the traditional organizational forms and conventional ways of managing people and company. That is, if we want to move forward, or at least not lag behind, we must modernize all the past models, methods, approaches and increase their speed of reaction adjusting them to changing markets.

In this day and age, any change can be overcome only through rapid, comprehensive, multi-valued analysis. In other words, it is necessary to build such a team that will be able to respond and withdraw to all challenges and obstacles in a more multi-layered, in-depth way, taking into account the peculiarities of different societies and markets.

International team can be the one. 

Below are the 10 advantages of the international team, which confirm that if we desire to be competitive,  successful and reach the intended result then building an international team is a must for the present and not for the future. 

Advantage 1. Qualified and experienced staff

The guarantee of the success of any company is a knowledgeable and experienced staff. Of course, in the case of a large selection, there is a high probability that the team will be filled with talented, technology-oriented, flexible, and prospective employees. 

Definitely the advantage is not only the great alternative of specialists, but also the qualitative diversity of the candidates who have studied in various educational systems, and are ready to present their own innovative viewpoints, share wide-ranging personal and professional experience during the decision-making and problem-solving process. 

Advantage 2. Creative, innovative and competitive environment

This advantage is so closely related to the former that education itself is part of the culture. In a  multicultural team creativity is in a high level. Creativity is one of the most essential and structural factors of success for any company regardless of sector and creating, or indeed working, in a multicultural environment will result in the formation of new ideas, initiatives, and concepts. 

A company with the same background and like-minded staff, generates innovative and competitive ideas at a relatively slower pace, while in a multicultural environment it is created a multi-vector problem-solving platform, which makes the company more competitive and strong.

Advantage 3. Multilingual staff

Multilingual staff has a number of advantages that are beneficial to both employees and customers. First of all, the team members  have a wide opportunity to acquire new languages, to enhance communication skills with native speakers. 

On the other hand, customers gain more trust when they receive support or service from their native speaker, it can be said that the psychological barrier is removed, which creates a more intimate atmosphere for business communication. In this case, the company gets a real opportunity to attract new and more customers to its side.

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Advantage 4. Local market knowledge

International team members represent different countries and cultures; hence, they are much more familiar with the ins and outs of the local market and the opportunities, strengths, and weaknesses of competitors there, they are acquainted with local laws, regulations, and customs, the possible requirements of potential customers in the market. 

Using local connections, native language skills, having enough relevant information about the local market as well as the internal consumer, the company gets a real opportunity to become more dominant and privileged, thus achieving success by conducting comprehensive analysis.

Advantage 5. Operative and effective risk management

This point is closely related to the previous one and derives from it. As mentioned above, knowledge of the local market helps a company to plan the right marketing policy, to choose the right tricks and tools for that market, accordingly become more flexible. However, success can only be obtained by controlling and reducing risks. 

Employees, being directly close to the local market and having the opportunity to notice changes more quickly can identify potential risks, analyze, assess them and boost operative and effective tactical mechanisms.

Advantage 6. Improved company reputation

All the companies that recruit employees of different backgrounds are considered a tolerant employer and gain a decent reputation. A positive rating is also formed, since customers highly value and appreciate the professional experience of multinational staff which inevitably brings its own multi-layered skills and provides high-quality services.

Having a multicultural, multilingual staff, the company, in addition to qualitative advantages, is able to create an emotional connection with customers, partners, investors too and increase its rate in the business environment.

Advantage 7. 24/7 work

International teams usually work remotely, and being in countries, in a range of time zones, they have an opportunity to work 24 hours a day, which allows them to provide services whenever and wherever they wish.

For teams operating in the same city or country with fixed working hours, night shift staff incurs additional costs for the company, and the advantage of a remote international team is that it does not incur new costs.

For teams operating in the same city or country with fixed working hours, night shift staff incurs additional costs for the company, and the advantage of a remote international team is that it does not incur new costs.

Advantage 8. Personal and professional growth

The organization and arrangement of workplaces is a pivotal part in the success and competitiveness of the company.  The healthier the work process in an environment of mutual understanding and tolerance is, the more visible the positive results are.

International representative work gives employees the opportunity to learn about a new culture, new habits, and traditions, broaden their worldview and scope, enlarge their horizons, gain new knowledge, skills, and approaches to work, become a much more experienced, global-minded employee. As a result of interpersonal relationships, intercultural dialogues and emotional connections develop, which leads to the increase of staff professionalism.

Advantage 9. Low cost

Building an international team that works remotely is very profitable in the sense that it costs less compared to the benefits we get as a result. The company has a multilingual staff, while employees with multilingual skills are generally offered much higher salaries. The company has employees in a number of countries around the world who contribute to a complete knowledge of the local market without renting an office space, the company has a 24-hour work schedule without overtime payment, as well as talented, available employees with relatively low salaries.

Advantage 10. Global integration

As international team members are constantly negotiating, sharing ideas and knowledge, resolving conflicts, and building trust, they generate new team-based solutions and knowledge. They learn from one another about the individual markets, functions, processes and build global business knowledge.  The coordination of knowledge, expertise, and resources by members located throughout the organization enhances global integration.

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