Time Tracking and Business Performance Live

Live Time Tracking: Welcome to The Future of Work


Are you running a business? Congratulations! Do you have employees, run a team or work with freelancers? Good for you! Now tell me: Do you know who is working on what at any given moment in time? Like, right now? And, more importantly, do you know whose bill they’re working on? Gotcha. Introducing: The zistemo Live Time Tracker.

Tracked Time = Business Performance

Unless you’re watching your team Big Brother style, you probably don’t know where every single second of your working business goes. And unless you’re a mad control freak, you don’t want to play Big Brother on your team. It would kill all the morale, creativity and good spirits a well working team needs. But just between you and me: Wouldn’t it be  great to always be on top of the hours spent in your business? Gotcha again.

Let me introduce you to our most innovative feature, the zistemo Live Time Tracker. ‚Ha’, you might think, ‚live time tracking, where’s the revolution in that? Isn’t any time tracker a live recorder of time spent working?’ Gotcha a third time. Because not only does the zistemo Live Time Tracker allow you and your team members to record any second spent working; not only does it assign every of these seconds to the task that has been worked on; no, it makes all of this visible in the incredibly easy to use Team Monitor. See who is working on what (or not working at all), how long they’ve been at it and how much progress they’re making. All online in the cloud, accessible anytime, anywhere from any device.

Team Work 4.0

Now, that’s a revolution. And it doesn’t stop there! Thanks to integrated communication tools like Slack, team members can contact each other any time. And you can, too. Remind them to take a creative break, invite them for a coffee or just say hello. This is teamwork 4.0. ‘Very good’, you might think, ‘but I totally trust my team to manage and finish things on their own terms, at their own pace.’ That’s what I thought, too, believing firmly in trust and responsibility as chief motivator – and in the abilities of the people I work with. And let me tell you, this believe has never let me down. So why would I need the Team Monitor?

The answer to that is simple: it helps you and your team to work more efficiently. If Rita, the graphic designer, sees that George, the programmer is working on the same project right now, they might connect and work together more closely. If Anton from IT knows that Cecilia from the Help Desk is on a break, he might handle the emergency call himself. The purpose of the Team Monitor is to enable your team to work closer. To become the tight knit team they ought to be, even across borders and time zones.

Track Your Business Performance Live

‘Sounds good’, you might think, ‘but we’re a good, motivated and tight-knit bunch already. We’ve got it covered, my team and I.’ Good for you! But listen up. Because our Live Team Tracking feature doesn’t stop at tracking your team’s seconds and assigning them to tasks. We have designed zistemo as a holistic business tool, where every piece comes together to create a whole. A working hour is not just time: it is part of a project, it is progress, it is money and it might become a bill. In any business, ultimately, time is money someone has to pay for. And thanks to the zistemo Team Monitor, you now see who will.

Live Team View - zistemo

Live Team View – zistemo

We have created a simple color code to make it clear at a glance who’ll be paying for the time any team member is working: Green is for Customer Projects that will be paid by customers; Yellow is for Internal Tasks that will have to be paid by the business owner and Red for Pause (meaning a pause in time tracking for taking a well-earned coffee break or any other interruption), which is ultimately also paid by the business owner. By you. This is smart & easy Business Intelligence at its best!

The sum is greater than its parts

Of course you can add any paid-by-customer second directly to the customer’s bill – that’s the beauty of zistemo. Our approach to maximize the use of your business data.  Every tracked second is part of your business success, just as every task is a step towards completion of a project. Thanks to our Live Time Tracking system, you can trace every second and every cent. Anywhere, anytime, in the cloud, and see your Business Performance live. Now that’s what I modestly call a revolution.

The sum is greater than its parts. This is true for time, which is more than an accumulation of seconds, as well as teams – where every single team member creates the magic of working together. Enjoy!

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