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Is a cloud-based CRM right for you? Take the quiz

Are you thinking about using a Customer Relationship Management system, also known as CRM? Maybe you are wondering which one you should use? Look no further. Answer 4 simple questions and you’ll know. And if you’re not entirely sure what we’re talking about here: read on to learn all about customer relationships and how to manage them.

The CRM quiz:

Question 1. Where do you keep your client’s addresses?

  1. The address-book of my webmail account. Plus I have all the phone numbers ready on my mobile.
  2. It’s all sorted out: I use a special excel sheet!
  3. Addresses? What do I need that for? I can reach them all on Skype!

Question 2. What happens if your laptop breaks down and/or your phone gets stolen?

  1. OMG! I wonder if I can find my clients on Facebook?
  2. It’s all sorted out: I’m making regular back-ups of my special excel sheet. Only I forgot the last one or two…
  3. I log into my Skype account from another device. Why?

Question 3. Your client is unhappy. He claims he wanted you to design a clown with a blue nose, while you know he said the nose should be red in the original briefing. What do you do?

  1. I wish I could find the original briefing! Did we chat about it? Was it on Facebook, Skype or WhatsApp? Or just on the phone? I don’t remember.
  2. It’s all sorted out: I have a special e-mail folder for each client on webmail. But wait, why is it not in the folder? Oh, right. It must be on my partner’s account – he was in charge. Now I’ll just have to wait until he gets back next week.
  3. I log into my Skype account. Don’t they archive my conversations?

Question 4. Your new website is live. What do you do?**

  1. I post it on Facebook. My friends all give me the thumbs up. Cool!
  2. It’s all sorted out: I export the e-mail addresses from my excel sheet, import them into webmail and send them an e-mail newsletter. But wait, what are all those errors?
  3. I change my Skype status. Maybe someone will notice!

Any of these answers sound like you?

Then you know: A good CRM will save your time and energy – and your business. How? Read on. And behold: You might want to sign up for one. Right here, right now. For free.

But let’s start at the beginning:

What is a CRM system?

CRM systems help you take care of your most precious asset: your clients. Do you know the basic business equation: no clients = no work. Even if you’re calling yourself your own boss, we all know who’s the real boss of you. Yes, that’s right. The client. Or rather: the clients. Because, usually, you don’t have just one of them but several. And this is where the client relationship management system comes in.

Why should I use a CRM system?

You want to send out the good news about your new website? There is nothing wrong with posting it on Facebook. But if you want to build lasting relationship with your clients, contact them personally. A CRM helps you to do just that – with minimal effort. Nourish your client relationships by managing all the information you need: names, addresses, preferences, and communication. Haven’t heard from client XY in a while? Why not send him a friendly hello. Client Z was your very first client, five years ago to the day? Let him know and celebrate together!

What is the first step in the CRM process?

First step is to keep track of the ways to contact your clients. Enter phone numbers, addresses, websites and even Skype names, and maybe add a note, which is the best way to reach them. Send offers and invoices to your clients and keep track of when and how they pay. With a cloud-based CRM like zistemo, you can even contact your clients on a special message system – with the additional bonus that all messages will be filed and kept at the right place.

Why a cloud-based CRM?

Cloud-based means: all data are accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device. Your phones lost, your laptop just broke down? Now worries: it’s all in the cloud! And it gets better: because it’s all up in the cloud, your whole team works with the same data. Anytime, anywhere, from any device. So, next time you’re looking for the original briefing, you’ll find it. No matter who was in charge. Clouds are not accessible for everyone, though. Only you and the people you want to have access to your data. Rest assured: We respect privacy here at zistemo. Our servers are in Switzerland, protected by the very best security measures. With us, your data are as safe as the gold in a Swiss bank.

What is the best CRM for a small business?

Start-ups and small businesses should use a cloud-based CRM. Why? It is easily accessible for all team members, from iPhone, tablets and laptops alike. There are many online CRM tools available. But for small businesses, an integrated CRM like zistemo does more than handle client relationships. Manage communication, send out offers and invoices, keep track of payments and payment methods – and let your whole team access relevant data, right there where they need it. Additional features include Business Intelligence, smart invoicing and time tracking for you and your team.

It is our goal here at zistemo to create the best CRM for you. So you can take care of the most important business relationship in your life. Have fun!

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