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No App, no business: 85% of all Smartphone users (basically all of us) prefer Apps to mobile websites. As you know, zistemo means business. Which is why we have created the zistemo App - without doubt the best time tracking app in town, running on iPad, iPhone and Android.

It’s the middle of the night. You’re waking up to the realization that your house is burning down. What would you save? Your loved ones, of course. The hamster, the cat or the dog included. But then? My guess is you’ll grab for the phone. The little smart one, I mean, not the old landline yoke. We spend a lot of our time with the little device, and it is with us day and night. Preparing the breakfast egg, cleaning your teeth, at the grocery store or the fitness center: There’s an app for just about everything.

Mobile App Use

The smartphone has ceased to be a phone a while ago. According to recent statistics of mobile app use and trends, between 2014 and 2015 the use of apps has increased by 21%. More than half of the time spent on digital media is being spent with an app (52%). Mind you, as I have been told recently, we’re not even spelling it right: Actually, we should be calling it mobile app, since basically app means any software application.

So, I am proud to announce accurately, precisely and absolutely correct: The virtual zistemo is now a mobile app, available for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. The app is intuitive and easy to use, just as you would be expecting zistemo little sister to be. And I have to admit, I’m just as proud of the lil’ one.

Best Time Tracking App

Imagine you’re on the way to a client’s meeting when your phone starts ringing: Another client is experiencing an absolute crisis and you have to solve it. Which you manage elegantly and on the go, just in time to arrive at the meeting and able to fully concentrate on the other client’s needs. All is well. Except you forgot one thing: Your time. Which, as we all know, is money. Which it can only be turned into if you are tracking it. No problem with the zistemo app: A swift click and the seconds spent are being tracked, assigned to the correct client and added to the right bill.

Easy Expense Tracking

But the story doesn’t stop there: On the way home from the meeting you’re stopping to buy all you need for tomorrows pitch. Without zistemo, the receipt will be waiting in your purse until it lands in a shoebox with all its other friends – and probably lies forgotten. With the zistemo expense tracking app, you can bring your smartphone to its full potential: Snap a picture of the receipt, upload it into the app, and you’re done. All expenses tracked and can be assigned to the right client. Just attach them to the bill and you’re good. And it only gets better: Your tax advisor will be whooping with joy (or rather raise a celebratory eyebrow, unemotional as tax people tend to be).

Your Business goes Mobile

The smart time tracking and expense app makes billing easier than it has ever been – and it helps you turning your precious time into money. The minutes and expenses tracked will automatically be added to the respective billing account. All you have to do is set the time and the bills will be sent out to your clients. Your virtual zistemo will confirm as soon as the money has arrived – or send out a kind but firm reminder.

The advantages of our mobile business app are obvious: You complete the tedious tasks of book-keeping on the go, whenever you have to, wherever you are. Free your mind and concentrate on what really matters: Your real work. The one you’re living off and maybe even living for.

Mobile Business Apps

The possibilities of mobile business apps are only just being realized. I truly believe mobile apps will change the way we work – hopefully for good. We, at least, are doing our best to create an easy and enjoyable work environment with a healthy life-work-balance for you.

Should you ever be unlucky enough to actually experience the burning house scenario: Please save the really important stuff and don’t worry about your business data. All the zistemo data are safe in the cloud – in a Swiss cloud, mind you, as safe a Swiss banks are. Nothing will be lost if you lose the smart little phone. By the way: The Burning House  is a really impressive collection of pictures of all the things people would save. The smartphone is on every photo.

Sincerely, zistemo

Mobile App Time Tracking

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