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Customer Case Study – Marcel Deer Consultancy

This is an experience of one of the first zistemo clients in UK.

“Running my accounts online with zistemo saves my money, gives a feeling of control, access is easy, and there is guaranteed security."

After 5 years experience working for top agencies in Social Media and events marketing Marcel is now a freelance expert and works with clients worldwide.

Practicing what it preaches, Marcel now manages his entire business online, and this includes accounts, using zistemo. He explains that this wasn’t possible until recently:

“As I made a decision to work online I became responsible for my own accounts and tax and have been looking for an online accounting solution for some time. None were suitable until I found zistemo. As I am my own boss, I am the only person responsible for not only dealing with the day-to-day admin but also that I am compliant with all regulations”.

As Marcel has decided to trade through his own Limited Company he needed to have an accountant to help him with the various forms, obligations, taxes etc.

“When I just started freelancing I was managing everything myself. Job hunting, client management, time management and bookkeeping soon became hardly manageable and that was about to become a serious problem, as I risked losing control of the accounts. I knew that the solution was to have an online accounting system, so that I could access and manage accounting information from anywhere. So I started to do some research.”

David spent time investigating different solutions, and online accounting software. He was looking for the best mix of tools for freelancer for a good price until he saw zistemo mentioned in Twitter. Marcel looked up the zistemo website, and immediately took the online demo for a closer look. Marcel was one of the first users in the UK of zistemo and is very impressed with what it can do.

“The main issue I found when looking for suitable accounting software was that it was either too complex for the bookkeeper, who is not accounting expert, or very pricy. I wanted the system to be extremely easy to use for sending out invoices or reconciling bank accounts. zistemo was the only online accounting software I found that got the difficult balance right, for being both easy for users, and comprehensive enough for accountant.”

Being self-employed Marcel is already working from 3 different locations, and has ongoing plans to grow his client base. This is why when Marcel was looking for an accounting solution, he needed to support the business both now, while it was small, and as it got bigger.

“Using zistemo, I can now access and input all the accounting data and information I need to, keep record of invoices and be safe with submitting taxes. Now I can instantly see, in easy to view graphs and charts, exactly where the business is in terms of who owes me money, and run simple P&L reports and monthly comparisons. What’s even better if I work with the team we can track time and estimate contribution from each team member.”

Marcel describes why zistemo works so well for:

“This software helps me to run entire business online, and now that I am using zistemo for my accounts, this is true. Running my accounts online saves money, it increases control, access is easy, and there is guaranteed security. I get one version of the truth to work from in terms of my financial position, and know that it is backed-up every day. The best thing for me with zistemo is that there is now easy access to management level information that I don’t have to take the time to prepare.”

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