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What is a time tracker?

A time tracker is an online tool used to keep records of work hours. It helps measure employees’ working time and gives an insight into how much time was spent on different tasks, projects, and clients.

good time tracker app comes along with additional features such as hourly wages or breaks for lunch. Customer user information can also be gathered through the time tracking software to help improve online traffic and business profitability.

Time trackers are primarily used by freelancers and international collaborative projects to help organize and consolidate efforts made towards completing a designated task.

Online Time tracker

How to track time?

Tracking time is really simple with online solutions like zistemo. Our time tracker seamlessly records both the free time AND the time spent working on tasks and is an outstanding upgrade from traditional .csv time-sheet models.

Unlike time-sheet tracking software based on manual input, a time tracker is an automated process that can be easily integrated into other invoicing processes or other popular tools or Chrome APIs including Toggl, Trello, Asana, Harvest, and Quickbooks.

Some of these billable workflows include resource scheduling, project management tools, and accounting/billing systems. Time tracking tools operate in two capacities, showing not only the duration of time spent on a task but also the idle time spent during the process.

With zistemo, managers can also monitor employees in real-time. Our Live Time Tracking feature is designed for teams. It gives instant insight into who is working on what task, who is having a lunch break, and who is away on holiday.

Real Time Tracker

Overall, our time tracking app helps you “clockify” and “smartify” work so you can save time and effort when it comes to tedious aspects of your business such as payroll, timekeeping, and data analytics.

Benefits of zistemo Time Tracker App

First of all, our innovatively smart yet simple time tracking tool allows managers to instantly understand how is their team’s time allocated to enhance employee productivity and focus.

Secondly, time tracking tools help businesses monitor their customer’s activities to see when and where revenue is coming from. Combined, these two sets of data can contribute to making better choices about your business’ direction and pricing to stay competitive and flexible in the open market.

The professional Zistemo time tracking functionality is also extremely helpful for mobile businesses as unlimited users and even their most remote team members can log in, clock in, and access time tracking records around the world in real-time.

You can access zistemo’s online tools and mobile app from your tablet, laptop, or even your smartphone/iPhone which makes it one of the easiest ways to consolidate your many invoicing needs on android, ios, and beyond.

This makes it so simple to collaborate both online and offline, manage multiple projects at once, assign tasks, keep track of employee time, billable hours, time entries, hourly rates, budgeting, and customize reports within a central online time organization template.

With a zistemo account, businesses of all sizes, from enterprises to small businesses, can improve their employee’s time management and put more effort into the products, services, and customer support that best attract their targeted customers.

What is the best time-keeping app?

The best time-keeping app is one that automatically helps you track time without interrupting your creative flow. Great project time tracking software and apps should do all the hard work related to time-keeping for you and your employees, including invoicing, payroll, reporting, and data analysis. Therefore, a great time tracking app should simplify users’ daily routine by providing the following hassle-free features and benefits:

  • Painless generation of accurate time invoices for clients.
  • Streamlining of business processes and simplifying project management.
  • Simplifying time-tracking for each employee.
  • Real-time, fact-based invoicing rather than vague estimates.
  • Data exports of all aggregated time data/time logs into CSV or PDF files.
  • For stress-free flexibility, users should be allowed to set up time alerts and notifications.
  • Manual corrections of time cards should be allowed, for all those times someone forgets to stop/start the timer.
  • Painless, one-click actions: time tracking should be as easy as launching an app, choosing a task, pressing start/pause/stop. Done.
  • Handy, powerful reporting features that enable managers and team leaders to analyze daily, weekly, and monthly time spent per person, per project, or per client.

A smart time tracking app is one of those crucial time management tools that inherently helps people and organizations become more efficient, organized, focused while requiring minimum admin, or training.

How can I track my time with a time tracker?

A web-based time tracker is the simplest solution to keep track of employee time and working/billable hours without wasting your energy on manual entries or excel timesheets. A time tracker automatically measures work time and breaks for both remote and on-site workers, regardless of their location in the world or the device they prefer. Whether you use a smartphone, a laptop, tablet, or desktop, you simply need to click/tap on the app’s “Start” button when you start working on something, then “pause” it when taking a break/switching to another task/go into a meeting, then press “stop” when you complete the initial task. The best part is that you can have multiple tasks in your user dashboard, and you just need to pick the one you’re currently working on at a certain point in time. Time trackers also allow adding time corrections or notes. At the end of each week, time tracking apps help users aggregate all their time entries with a few taps/clicks. Another great part is that approvals don’t need to be requested manually as everything is in “automate” mode, meaning managers and team leaders receive instant notifications and sign off weekly time entries with a few clicks.

zistemo: the productivity booster for your business

One tool, everything under control. Track hours worked, time spent on all your projects, and all the relevant records from the bid you prepared for your client to the credit card receipts you keep for your accountant.


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zistemo: the productivity booster for your business

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