Team time tracking

Employee Time Management – The Ultimate Guide

If you think about it, time management is not really about managing time at all. It is pretty much about managing yourself and how you prioritize your tasks. After all, we all have 24 hours so how we use the hours is specifically up to us.


Employee Time Tracking

What is employee time tracking? Employee time tracking is a function that is used to track the amount of time an employee spends on particular assigned tasks. Tasks usually fall under specific projects.


Employee productivity

What is employee productivity? Employee productivity is a metric that is calculated based on the amount of output on a project versus the amount of time it takes. It can also be measured against a standard or “base” of productivity for a group of workers doing similar work.



What is an Expense? In the simplest terms, an expense is an outflow of money to another company or individual as payment for services rendered or an item acquired. In other terms, it is anything that leads to the reduced value of the owner.



What is e-invoicing? Everything’s going digital: so why shouldn’t your bills? E-invoicing is a form of electronic billing. In any situation that requires an invoice be issued, an e invoice will suffice.

Commercial Invoice E e-invoicing

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