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The most important terms in time management

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What is the cost?

Cost is a value of money that a company had to spend to produce its goods or services. It is calculated as the amount that company spends in order to produce a certain unit of a product. In simple words - it is the money that a company spends on things such as labor, services, raw materials, and more.

What is the cost from a buyer’s point of view? It is the money they have to spend to acquire a certain product from the shop.

Types of Accounting Costs

When you are looking for accounting term there are two main types of costs: direct and variable.

What is a direct cost?

Direct Cost is calculated based on the time taken to create the product. It is calculated towards the end of the production process.

What is a variable cost?

Variable Cost is the amount that is calculated based on production scale. They are strictly connected with the number of items that company will produce. They are dependent on delivery fees and the costs of raw materials.

What is Cost Accounting?

Cost accounting is the process of collecting, counting and analyzing different alternatives to find the best, most cost efficient solution for your business. An accountant will pour over the firm’s books and follow the numbers. The main use of the cost accounting is to know if the product is viable. As a result, you will concentrate on only activities that bring profits for your company.

The result is usually a better profit margin. It can also assist you to investigate why a certain product is taking up so many resources to produce. Thus, you can get rid of inefficiencies at your firm.

How can Zistemo help?

The cost calculation is all about keeping track of the money trail. However, using a physical paper trail can be complex. Allow our Zistemo software to assist you with this process. We boast of advanced processing power that will speed up the process. With Zistemo you can simply keep track of your company performance. You get all the invoices, expenses and time sheets in one place. You can access all your data, any time, from any device!


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Time Tracker

What is a time tracker? A time tracker is an online tool used to keep records of work hours. It helps measure employees’ working time and gives an insight into how much time was spent on different tasks, projects, and clients.



Invoice definition An invoice is an itemized “bill” of sale. It includes two parties: the issuer and the buyer. The issuer of the invoice is the “seller” of products or services.



What are assets? Assets are anything available to meet commitments or offset debts and add financial value to a business or service. It may be money in the bank, investments, property or possessions.


Debt Ratio

What is Debt Ratio? For investors, a debt ratio or debt to equity ratio indicates the overall financial strategy of a business. It measures company’s total liabilities as a percentage of its total assets.

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