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Team Time Tracking 4.0: Simple, Secure & Smart

Team Time Tracking made easy: Track your hours on-the-go, assign them to projects, clients or tasks and turn them into invoices in a second. Sounds too good to be true? Try it! Sign up for the fully functional free zistemo trial right now. Or read on to learn more.

There are many apps and time tracking solutions available online. But are they really worth their money, and, more importantly, your time? Most time tracking apps are either designed for freelancers or small businesses. And most of them are stand-alone solutions: they will track your hours, maybe create a time-sheet and leave the hard work like calculating project hours, creating invoices or projecting estimates to the user – to you.

Teamwork in the Cloud

Whether you’re working in remote in an international team or are actually building a house: once you start working in the cloud, you’ll never want to come down. Because teamwork in the cloud takes team organization to a whole new level. Your whole team is working on site, while one team member needs to tend to a client emergency for an entirely different project? No worries: with one tap on his phone, his tracked time goes towards the other task, project and client. If you are using a smart time tracker, that is.

More than a timesheet calculator

Many are making that promise, but zistemo really is the best time tracking app for teams out there. I’m not bragging. Just being honest. Why? For starters, zistemo doesn’t stop at tracking your hours. Because zistemo is a fully integrated business software, smart time tracking for teams is only one part of the workflow**. Just as the real world of business, where good work is more than just the hours you put in, the zistemo team time tracker doesn’t just make a list of tracked hours, mind you, seconds.** Instead, it gives you a fully detailed report of every second spent with a specific task assigned to a project and a client. By one or several employees, on the road or at the office. At midnight or during regular office hours.

Turn time into money – within seconds!

The zistemo time tracking app is very easy-to-use and intuitive. One, two, three and you are tracking every second you spend. It takes literally three taps on the screen of your phone or tablet: one to open the tracker, two to choose the project and task you’re working on, three to start tracking. As easy as that. And since every member of your team uses the same system, you can start tracking, as you never did before. Forget excel sheets and complicated calculations – just get to work, and we’ll do the rest. Don’t waste your time with tracking it. Earn money doing good work instead. And once you’re done, create an invoice out of every second tracked for a task, a project or a client. Turn time into money – instantly!

Live Team View: Boost Team Performance!

Smart tracking will bring your project management skills to the highest level. If you – and the rest of your team – know who is doing what, when and where at any given second, you’ll get organized like never before. We’re especially proud of our Live Team View, a brand new feature requested by many of our users. With the sleek Live Team View portlet, the account owner is able to see live who is working on which task in real-time. Call Centers, Carpenters and Creatives alike will boost their team performance sky-high. It’s so easy! We’re still amazed that no-one has thought of it before.

Live Team View – zistemo

Project management made easy

Successfully managing a project is a bit like building a house (unless, of course, your project is actually building a house): all the elements have to fit together perfectly. Carpenters, plumbers, roofers, and electricians: all of these specialists have to work together. Information and organization are essential to make it work, and smart time tracking for teams provides a secure foundation for skyscraper-sized projects. Get instant insight into your team’s working hours right now – anywhere, from any device.

Team Time Tracking with Swiss precision

Because zistemo is based in the cloud, all your team’s data are saved at the same place, accessible anytime – but only by you and the people you allow into your zistemo space. Our servers are based in Switzerland, the most secure country on the planet, and are protected by Swiss banking standards.Want to know more? Read on about information security in this post.** Rest assured: Our online time tracker is as secure and as precise as a Swiss watch – but much less pricy.**

Greatness is good. But, just like you, we want perfection. Together, we can create the perfect business software in the cloud: let us know what you expect. We will not only listen, but also take you seriously. Promise.

Start tracking; get working – start right now with the fully functional free trial!


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