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Have you ever wondered how your freelance time can be measured? Check out tips for how to track your hours when doing freelance work and what time tracking tools you can use.


Time is money. Like it or not. It is a fact: You are being paid in exchange for the time you’re working. This is what our economic system is based on – and it is what your income is based on. This is why my talented team and I have created an outstanding and smart time tracking software for you.

I can see your toes curling at the thought of it: Time tracking! The word from cubicle-hell! This word conjures images of sad offices, of time clocks and humorless people reporting every minute an every second – everything you thought you had left behind. Rest assured. My time tracking software is working FOR you. Not the other way round. Smart time management means more than making money: It means managing your life.

Why time tracking?

Because statistically speaking, I am pretty sure that you are negligent with tracking your hours. Very negligent: Freelancers, small business owners as well as startups tend to work much too many hours compared to the hours they – you! – are actually billing.

Look at it this way: A permanent employee is being paid as long as he is sitting at his desk, probably logged into some kind of tracking system. That means he/her is getting paid for every e-mail, every meeting, even, in most cases, every visit to the bathroom or any other creative break. How about you? Are you tracking the time you spend answering e-mails before breakfast? The time you spend on the phone with a client because he called you while you had been in the middle of something else? And how about those creative bathroom visits where you find THE solution for a client’s problem? See.

And now just think to how much time these unpaid hours add in a week, in a month or even a year. Just a rough estimate – how much money do you think you are losing this way every year? At least a month’s pay, I’d say. A whole month of free work. Does that make sense, especially considering you probably don’t even take time off for real vacation if statistics are to be trusted? Think about it! Yes. That’s exactly why you need smart time tracking.

Why smart?

Because zistemo does not merely track your working hours. Instead, you can assign every minute spent working to the client you are working for, to their project and a task within the project. Whenever, wherever you are, from any device – as long as you’re online. Add a new task with a few clicks, start the simple and intuitive automatic timer and get to work. And if needed, you can bill the client immediately.

Once every week or every month, zistemo gives you a detailed report on how and for whom you or your team has spent every working – strictly confidential, of course: Your data are always protected with bank-level security. The level of a Swiss bank, of course.

Teams and co-working

Since zistemo time tracking is smart time tracking, it has been designed for teams and co-working communities. All people involved can log in to track their time and of course assign it to clients, projects and tasks. Anytime, wherever they are from any device. No complicated time sheet calculators and time cards – instead you’ll easy-to-use timesheet templates. Thanks to live reporting you always know who is doing what – and when. In addition to that you get weekly or monthly reports listing the details. There, right under your eyes, the daily chaos of a community work from all around the world turns into clearly structured and efficient teamwork. And you’re on top of things.


Tracking time is one thing, turning time into invoices another. Because I love to integrate things I will transform your time into money in a flash. Tracked time can be billed to the assigned client immediately or periodically once a week, once a month – whatever suits you. And if you are a control-freak like me you’d like to check the invoice before it leaves for the clients’. No problem, naturally! Lest you be worried: the virtual zistemo works absolutely without fault. And nearly as fast as me.

Not entirely convinced?

You seem to be a very sensible person, not trusting anybody. I can only applaud you for that. Especially in these times of the interweb. That’s why we have created the free 14 day trial for zistemo – fully equipped, no strings attached. A whole month of using all the zistemo features for free. And because I know you are a sensible Person I am sure you’ll say: Yes. There’s a lot of sense in that. I (or, to be fair, my talented team) have tailored my virtual self to meet the needs of people who are their own boss like freelancers, small business owners and startups. Like you.

(Also: if and you are missing a feature: Let us know! Seriously. We want to know.)

Apropos: Do you know what the most uttered regret of a dying person is? To have worked too much or rather: not to have lived enough. Even though I know people who are their own bosses usually can’t really separate life and work: Smart time tracking will help you with your time management – and guide you to a healthy work-life-balance. Because once you have your working hours under control, you can afford regular time outs more easily. Take the time. It’s yours.




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