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zistemo Wins Great User Experience & Rising Star Awards in FinancesOnline Review

Commitment to Excellence

Due to our commitment to excellence, zistemo was recently awarded the prestigious honor of both the Great User Experience & Rising Star Awards from FinancesOnline. This award is given based on several factors including colllaboration features, usability, customization, and integration options. This set of criteria helps to deliniate products whose software ultimately aids in the work-flow and increased business acumen of their clients.

Great user experience Award

Rising Star

In our Rising Star Award, zistemo was given an overall score of 8.0, with an impressive 96% satisfaction rating. FinancesOnline also ranked us as #14 in our Time & Expense Management Software.

Rising Star Award by FinancesOnline

We were specifically commended on our suite of five advanced live time tracking features, letting businesses live-monitor their teams work trends.

See the bigger picture with zistemo

In addition, we were singled out for our ability to identify indicators which help our clients understand trends and reveal insights to make smarter business decisions and improve their products and services. In particular, our budget and project tracking systems help clients to see the bigger picture and prepare accordingly.

For International Companies

FinancesOnline also found our services to be particularly helpful for international or mobile companies in which multiple partners need to be able to access business documents, update financial information, or conduct meetings from all around the world.

zistemo is unique in this regard, with a cloud-based invoicing system that lets you update your working status while on the move online or through our mobile app. We believe that it is this team connectivity which is crucial towards a businesses long-term success.

Streamline your Buisness

zistemo was created to help business owners get organized through streamlined and easy-to-use online tools. At zistemo, our focus has always been on delivering services that were targeted to meet the real life demands of our clients - from invoicing software to project tracking and time expenses. This award is welcome feedback for a company who has worked tirelessly to provide the most modern and creative invoicing software.

We are proud to receive these awards from FinancesOnline, and we commit towards improving and expanding our time tracking and invoicing software to keep your company successful.


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