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Expense tracking made easy

Are you tracking your business expenses? My guess is: You intend to. When you’ll have the time. Until then, you’re keeping your receipts in a shoebox. Or a drawer. Or are they still filling up your purse?

Whatever your system for tracking expenses is: Say good-bye. With the zistemo expense tracker you won’t need it anymore. Snap, upload, done: Welcome to the new world of online expense tracking.

Lunching with a client? Shopping for things you need for their project on the way? And then: What happens to the receipt? Let’s be honest here. I’m sure you have the best intentions in mind. But I have your best interest at heart. And you and I both know that intentions usually stay exactly that: Intentions, not reality.

Paperless expense tracking

Why? Because you’re stuck in the daily rat-race of keeping a business alive. We all are. And sometimes we let the most important things slip by – like tracking and billing expenses. That’s why I let my amazing team create the easiest possible expense tracker: Just snap a picture, upload it and you’re done. You can assign the receipts to the corresponding client, a project, a task. No effort needed – and more importantly, no paper.

Save time and money

Time is money. And with the zistemo expense tracker you’re saving both. Within seconds you can archive any expenses – right there where you need them. You can keep track of your costs wherever you are, whenever suits you. And when it’s time for billing, you’ll be ready: Attach receipts to a client’s bill and save time on tiring discussions about money.

Save on taxes

When tax time comes, you’ll be saving money like never before. The right tax deductions can make a huge difference to your budget – we don’t need a tax consultant to know that. Who, by the way, will be very impressed with your commendably organized expenses. I’m sure he’ll be happy to wave the shoebox and receipt orgies good-bye, too. Just invite your tax man (or woman, of course) over into your account, and he’ll have instant access to your data. And we all know that making tax people happy will make your business happy, too.

Track out of pocket travel expenses

Speaking of happy: Your team will rejoice to get their out of pocket expenses reimbursed quickly. Your IT is on a convention on the other side of the Atlantic? Marketing is working on a huge promotional activity? All while you’re travelling to a meeting abroad? No worries: With zistemo, you have your perfect personal assistant at your fingertips. All the time. All team members can track their own expenses online, assign them to categories and clients – wherever, whenever. In the end, everybody gets paid faster.

Calculate expenses

And the best part: You have full control over your costs. Anytime, wherever you are. You don’t have to wait to the end of the month until your people have their numbers ready. Instead you can see costs and expenses anytime you need to. You have instant access and see at a glance how profitable your projects really are. If needed, you can react immediately with expense cuts – right there when you need them. Granted, budget constraints are never fun. But sometimes they are necessary to prevent worse. And there is not much worse to a business than overspent budgets.

Track your expenses and save your budget

But what to do when you realize a project is using more than it generates? Either you suck it up and write off the costs; maybe the project gives you something other than money. Good for you – if you can afford that. Usually that’s not the case, though. Instead, people keep on working with either a quality fall-off or the client’s bill gets bigger and bigger. This is very unsatisfying and displeasing experience for all parties involved. But thanks to the zistemo expense tracker, there is your happy medium: Now you can contact the client and find a solution that suits all of you. Thanks to zistemo you won’t have to fear this conversation – because you have all the numbers and receipts ready, instantly and effortless. And you’ll see: The conversation will be worthwhile. For everyone.

Expense tracking made easy

It is my personal belief that eye-to-eye conversations are worth so much more than sending numbers around. Thanks to the virtual zistemo, you’ll have the time and energy you need to be able to concentrate on the things worthwhile. Such as lunch with your favorite client. Where you can afford to be totally relaxed – because you’re tracking your expenses. Enjoy dessert!

Sincerely, zistemo

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