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5 Things You Should Know About Bookkeeping in The Cloud


Have you sent your bookkeeping up to the cloud yet? No? But you know it’s time, right? Bookkeeping in the cloud is more than a current trend. It is the future of accounting for small businesses and larger enterprises alike. Let me tell you why. But beware: there are things you should know to keep your books safe and secure up in the cloud.

1. The Cloud is Everywhere – No Opening Hours Required

Gone are the days when you need to be in your office to look at your numbers. No need to search for the updated excel file on your laptop either. Cloud accounting makes your numbers accessible from wherever you are. From the Bahamas to your bathtub: check them whenever you feel the urge.

Whether it’s midnight in Honolulu or noon in Niagara, you can access your books – and they are always up-to-date. Check those travel expenses live, see who logged some late hours, and get notified immediately if things start to go haywire.


2. Cloud Accounting Will Make You Work Smarter

Cloud accounting makes you work smarter

Check your team’s expenses live, and cut them immediately if they don’t fit the budget… (Photo by Rido |

Cloud accounting is not just making your numbers available to you online, and it’s more than storing your excel sheets in the cloud. Cloud accounting will enable you to follow your business developments live, to get a clearer picture of what’s happening in your books at any given moment.

Check your team’s expenses live, and cut them immediately if they don’t fit the budget. See how profitable a project really is, and the use your resources accordingly. Don’t waste time with late payments – let the system chase them for you. Auto-magically.


3. Bookkeeping In The Cloud Takes Business Intelligence to The Next Level

Using an integrated accounting system will make ALL your numbers available to you – wherever you are, whenever you need them. Plus, it will take your business intelligence to a new level.

From time tracking to past and future offers, from expenses to invoicing, from project management to client management: if you keep all your business data in the same place, the possibilities are nearly endless. Compare logged hours to invoiced hours, track projects and team efficiency or create tax reports within seconds – welcome to business intelligence in the cloud.


4. The Cloud is an Actual Place

The cloud might be everywhere, available anytime – but it also has a home somewhere in the real world. When you send your books up into the cloud, you basically take away your data from your laptop, your desktop or your own server, and entrust them to servers somewhere else: actual, physical machines, taking up real space somewhere in the world.

Sounds a bit scary, doesn’t it? Bookkeeping data is very sensitive information, and you should make sure you it is safe and secure. The zistemo servers, for example, are located at a secret location in Switzerland – arguably the safest country in the world.


5. The Cloud is Safe. But Only If You Choose The Right One.

The biggest advantage of cloud accounting is also its biggest danger. Unlike the excel stored on your laptop, the cloud makes your data available to you anytime and anywhere in the world – but you need to make sure it is you, and only you, who can access them.

expense tracking app for business expenses

The biggest advantage of cloud accounting is also its biggest danger…

Use a trustworthy service with lots of experience and professional security systems. To safeguard our client’s data, we are currently using the same security standards Swiss banks use. And they should know about keeping numbers secret, right?


Are you ready to make your books fly high up into the sky? Give us a try! It’s free, secure – and smarter than smart.


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