Dashboard Pulse Widget

The Pulse Widget is the fastest way to track your time. Soonest you start to log time to a project, the timer starts running and you see it directly on your dashboard. Just click on the “Play” Button and choose your preferred Projects, where you want to track time. To […]

How to Payroll?

You can payroll your staff via zistemo easily and keep your bookkeeping clean. Just start following the description below. Create an expense for the salary, let’s say for “Andre”. Use the right category “employee salary” or create a new category on your tax consualtant recommendations. Create the payment transaction to […]

Jira Integration

Connect Jira with your zistemo account Assign Projects with “bulk-action” Customize your workspace and projects Zistemo Integration in Jira Mark tasks as completed Connect Jira with your zistemo account Connect Jira to zistemo: Go to your Profile -> Integrations and click “add integration”. Choose Jira.   After that please allow […]

Optional items in an estimate

Sometimes you may want to offer your client some extra services or additional products as a supplement to an estimate. So, you don’t need that the extra items are included in the estimate. Here’s how to add additional/optional line items in an estimate: First you need to activate this option. It […]

Payment for an Expense

1.Explain Transaction 1.1 Explain Transaction in Expenses Menu 1.2 Explain Transaction via Banking “unexplained transaction” 2. Expenses Currency 2.1 The expense currency is the same as the transaction currency 2.2 The expense currency is different as the transaction currency 3. Show only expenses which fits the transaction 3.1 Multiple expenses […]

Estimates Report

In the Estimates Report you are able to see when, to whom and with which amount you sent/created estimates. How to reach the report? Simply follow the steps: Reporting -> Client Reports -> Estimates Settings and customizing the report First of all choose your preferred date range: You can also […]

Staff Details

Contact Details Assigned Projects Staff Default Settings Flex Time Settings Flex Time Settings – Show changelog of corrections Two factor auth   The “Staff Detils” you can find here – and scroll down on the staff page:   Contact Details You can add more details to you staff. Assigned Projects […]

Trello Integration

Connect Trello with your zistemo account Tracking Time with “zistemo’s Browser” Integration in Trello Assign Projects with “bulk-action” Customize your workspace and Projects Zistemo Integration in Trello Import projects from Trello Connect Trello with your zistemo account Connect Trello with zistemo: Go to your profile -> Integrations and click “add […]

Asana Integration

Connect Asana with your zistemo account Tracking Time with “zistemo’s Browser” Integration in Asana Tracking Time with “My Tasks” in Asana Assign Projects with “bulk-action” Customize your workspace and Projects Asana Teams in Time-Tracking Reports Asana Sections in Invoices and Reports Zistemo Integration in Asana Select a task as billable/non-billable […]

DATEV Import

zistemo unterstütz den Import von Kunden und Lieferanten (Debitoren und Kreditoren) aus einem Stammdatenexport von DATEV. Damit bist du mit deinem Steuerberater dann synchronisiert. Vor allem wird beim nächsten DATEV-Export aus zistemo die korrekte Debitoren-/ Kreditorennummer exportiert. INFO: Die Anzeige und Bearbeitung der Datev-Nummer wird auch in der “API” unterstützt. […]

Assign staff to task and checklist

Add staff to task To add staff to a task please go to the board or list view of your project. You can then assign a person to the task by clicking on “assing staff”. You can select departments or any staff one-by-one. You can assign several users to a […]

Credit Memo for expenses

In case your vendor gives you some kind of discounts after you paid the expense you received zistemo helps you to handle credit memos on expenses. If your expense is not paid yet you should delete the expense and create a new one with the correct amount. First, you should […]


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