Mark project as favorite

To get on menu even faster to your projects you can mar them as favorite. Mark projects as favorite on menu When hoovering over a project on the menu you can mark it as favorite just by clicking on the star icon. After that you’ll see the project marked as […]

Inbox for task mentions

Any zistemo user can be mentioned on task comments. On My Tasks/Inbox you can see all comment where you was mentioned in descending order (latest to oldest). If there’re any unread mentions you’d see a red circle at the menu point “My Task” as well as the number of unread […]

My Tasks

Each user has a list with their tasks only so, yo can see all your tasks at one place. You can get easy to you tasks by going right on the main menu to My Tasks   On “My Tasks” you see your tasks grouped by due date by default. […]

Mark timesheet manually as billed

To mark hours as billed they must be added to invoice. The best way is generate an invoice with zistemo’s invoice wizard which include unbilled timesheets autoamatically to your invoice. Learn here more about the invoice wizard ➜ However, there can be cases where you didn’t add those hours with […]

Adding sets to project

On zistemo you can create and manage sets that include several tasks and items. More here ➜ Those sets can be added to your project. Adding sets to a project If you want to add a set to a project you can do that on the project/items. If you click […]

Project assignment

By default, no person is assigned to a new project or a new task. However, you could change this on Settings/Preferences/Projects. Assign all users to a new project If you want that all users are assigned to a new project automatically just check-off “Do not assign automatically all users to […]

Mentoin project members on task comments

On zistemo you can write comments to project tasks. On those comments you could mentoin project members. To do so, you just need to write “@” and it promptly suggesting project members to mentoin.   You could also continue writing the person’s name to limit the suggested user list according […]

Import projects from Trello

To import projects from Trello to zistemo please go to the Import section via your profile. As select “import projects” as import type and select “trello projects” as file format. After grant zistemo authorization to your Trello account you can select projects to be imported from Trello to zistemo. Further, […]

VAT rate change in Switzerland

From 1 January 2024, the following current VAT rates apply in Switzerland: Normal rate: 8,1 % Reduced rate: 2,6 % Special rate for accommodation: 3,8 % Reason for the increase in tax rates: In the vote of 25 September 2022, the amendment to the AHV Act and the federal decree […]

Project Templates

On zistemo you can use project templates so that you can create projects even faster. Create project from template To create a project from a template click on the “+” icon on your menu and select “use template”. There’re zistemo default templates but you could save any project as a […]

Retroactively Sync Project Time to Attendance Time

On zistemo you can sync project time attendance time. By default this feature connects the time tracking from the moment of it’s activation. If you need to sync project time with attendance time for past days you can retroactively sync project time record to attendance time for a person. Go […]

Track time on tasks

On zistemo you can either track time on your weekly timesheet, monthly timesheet or directly on each task in a project. In this article we look on how to track time on tasks. General Each project member can track time to the tasks he/she is assigned. You can either start […]

Task tags

Tags are a versatile tool for enhancing task management, organization, and communication within teams and projects. They provide a flexible and efficient way to sort and manage tasks based on various criteria, making it easier to stay organized and focused on priorities. Managing tags Tags on zistemo are global. That […]

Project Board View

A project board view is a valuable tool for visualizing and managing tasks, particularly in agile or iterative project management. However, its suitability depends on the complexity of the project, the need for detailed documentation, and the specific requirements of the project team. Managing tasks and sections Each task can […]

Project List View

A project list view offers a valuable high-level perspective to a project, aiding in prioritization and resource management. However, it may not be suitable for managing very complex projects or providing in-depth project details. In that case, the project board view would be recommended. Hide Fields On zistemo’s list view […]

Project Tasks

Tasks in a project refer to the specific activities, actions, or work items that need to be completed in order to achieve the project’s objectives. Tasks are the fundamental building blocks of a project plan and serve as actionable steps that project team members  must execute to move the project […]

Attachments to tasks

Adding attachments to tasks in a project management system enhances collaboration, communication, and documentation. It contributes to better organization, reduces the likelihood of errors, and can significantly improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of project management processes. Attach a file You can attach several files to a task but ach […]