Project Templates

On zistemo you can use project templates so that you can create projects even faster. Create project from template To create a project from a template click on the “+” icon on your menu and select “use template”. There’re zistemo default templates but you could save any project as a […]

Retroactively Sync Project Time to Attendance Time

On zistemo you can sync project time attendance time. By default this feature connects the time tracking from the moment of it’s activation. If you need to sync project time with attendance time for past days you can retroactively sync project time record to attendance time for a person. Go […]

Track time on tasks

On zistemo you can either track time on your weekly timesheet, monthly timesheet or directly on each task in a project. In this article we look on how to track time on tasks. General Each project member can track time to the tasks he/she is assigned. You can either start […]

Task tags

Tags are a versatile tool for enhancing task management, organization, and communication within teams and projects. They provide a flexible and efficient way to sort and manage tasks based on various criteria, making it easier to stay organized and focused on priorities. Managing tags Tags on zistemo are global. That […]

Project Board View

A project board view is a valuable tool for visualizing and managing tasks, particularly in agile or iterative project management. However, its suitability depends on the complexity of the project, the need for detailed documentation, and the specific requirements of the project team. Managing tasks and sections Each task can […]

Project List View

A project list view offers a valuable high-level perspective to a project, aiding in prioritization and resource management. However, it may not be suitable for managing very complex projects or providing in-depth project details. In that case, the project board view would be recommended. Hide Fields On zistemo’s list view […]

Project Tasks

Tasks in a project refer to the specific activities, actions, or work items that need to be completed in order to achieve the project’s objectives. Tasks are the fundamental building blocks of a project plan and serve as actionable steps that project team members  must execute to move the project […]

Attachments to tasks

Adding attachments to tasks in a project management system enhances collaboration, communication, and documentation. It contributes to better organization, reduces the likelihood of errors, and can significantly improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of project management processes. Attach a file You can attach several files to a task but ach […]

Task Checklist

Checklists help to keep track of tasks, ensuring that nothing is forgotten or overlooked. This is particularly useful in busy or complex situations. Also, they help you focus on what needs to be done, reducing time spent on figuring out what’s next. Checklists are versatile tools that can enhance productivity, […]

Send Emails From Your Server (SMTP)

To set up that emails will be send from your outgoing server using SMTP go on your company profile to Settings/Company Profile/Email Delivery and select “Send emails from your outgoing email server (SMTP)”. When sending emails with SMTP you can’t see on zistemo if an email was successfully delivered. Add […]

Attendance Time Details Report

On the attendance details report you will see details information about staff’s attendance time records. An explanation how each column is calculated is here ➜ detailed calculation On this report you can also see if a person was on-site or off-site and changes to the flex time balance will be […]

Time Ticket Default Duration

By default, any time ticket added to the Scheduler has a duration of 4 hours. You can change the default duration of time tickets added to the Scheduler on Preferences/Scheduler. Any time ticket that’ll be added to the planner will have this value as duration as default.

Show currency on item table

By default, prices on the item table in your invoice are shown without currency symbol. If you want to show the currency symbol on unit price, tax, discount and total item price you can activate to show currency on that fields in the column settings. Please make sure you’re activated […]

Period Selection

When changes made to an attendance template or staff member will be assigned to new attendance template, you’ll be asked fro which date zistemo should calculate these changes.   You can select from the following options: From this month Your changes will be applied to the first date of the […]

Project Revenue Report

On the project revenue report you get an overview about your projects in monetary value. You’ll see staff cost, cost (expenses, items and mileages), total cost, budget, remaining budget, revenue, profit as well as unbilled and non-billable hours. All monetary values are shown in you account’s base currency ➜ The […]

Weekly planning

By default the Scheduler is made to plan by days. However, this might not be suitable for all companies/teams. You can also enable weekly planning to only schedule time tickets to weeks instead of days. To do so, you can change to weekly planning directly on the scheduler… …or on […]

Bottom-up planning

The scheduler is by default a tool for project managers who are planning top-down. However, ofter the bottom-up approach is more realistic and more suitable for your team. To do so, you can allow users (team leaders, team members and data capture) to plan time tickets on the scheduler even […]

Refresh Lexoffice Token (DE)

Standardmäßig ist doe Integration zu Lexoffice für 720 Tage gültig, da dies Gültigkeitsdauer des Token von Lexoffice ist. Es kann auch passieren, dass der Lexoffice Token seine Gültigkeit früher verliert. Um den Token von Lexoffice zu aktualisieren, gehen bitte zu den Integrationen und erneuere die Integration zwischen zistemo Lexoffice. Hier […]