Project Revenue Report

On the project revenue report you get an overview about your projects in monetary value. You’ll see staff cost, cost (expenses, items and mileages), total cost, budget, remaining budget, revenue, profit as well as unbilled and non-billable hours. All monetary values are shown in you account’s base currency ➜ The […]

Weekly planning

By default the Scheduler is made to plan by days. However, this might not be suitable for all companies/teams. You can also enable weekly planning to only schedule time tickets to weeks instead of days. To do so, you can change to weekly planning directly on the scheduler… …or on […]

Bottom-up planning

The scheduler is by default a tool for project managers who are planning top-down. However, ofter the bottom-up approach is more realistic and more suitable for your team. To do so, you can allow users (team member/data capture) to plan time tickets on the scheduler even they’re not project manager […]

Refresh Lexoffice Token (DE)

Standardmäßig ist doe Integration zu Lexoffice für 720 Tage gültig, da dies Gültigkeitsdauer des Token von Lexoffice ist. Es kann auch passieren, dass der Lexoffice Token seine Gültigkeit früher verliert. Um den Token von Lexoffice zu aktualisieren, gehen bitte zu den Integrationen und erneuere die Integration zwischen zistemo Lexoffice. Hier […]

New at zistemo

December 20, 2022 Scheduler Weekly Planning Ressource planning by days is suitable to control priorities according to urgency. However, this is not suitable for all companies. To reduce micromanagement, you can now allocate your project’s budgets by weeks in the Scheduler. Plan projects by weeks → Proposal Release Our new […]

Custom unit on flat amount projects

When invoicing a project with a flat amount as billing method the unit will be project (flat project amount) or task (flat amount for tasks). You can change the unit on the project settings. If you’ll invoice the project it takes the unit from this field, if empty, the unit […]

Add Sets to Project

A set is a group of items and tasks. Here’s everything you need to know about sets in zistemo → Sets on zistemo There’re two ways of adding sets to a project: 1) On the edit project page where you can add tasks or 2) on the project’s item list. […]

CSV Import Troubleshooting

If you facing some issues while import a CSV file to zistemo (e.g. incorrect file structure) please follow these steps to corrects errors. 1. Check file encoding Usually, files are encoded in UTF-8 which is the most common encoding. Please check if your file is encoded properly. Most text editor […]

Custom Reports

If you have an Enterprise subscription you can create your own custom reports directly in zistemo. First, make sure you have the SQL Data Warehouse integration active. Learn more about SQL Data Warehouse Integration → You can find own reports on Settings/Own Reports: Next, you can either load sample reports […]

Mark Attendance Time as Payable

If someone tracks attendance time outside of their working plan it will be marked as “non-payable” and won’t be calculated to the flex time balance. But it could happen that you have to mark it as payable. To do so there’re two options: Mark attendance time manually as payable or […]

Pipedrive Integration

With the Pipedrive integration you can import/export contacts and companies from/to Pipedrive and review estimates directly in Pipedrive. Watch the video or read the article to learn how to integrate zistemo to Pipedrive. Initial Connection with Pipedrive To connect Pipedrive and zistemo, go to My Profile/Integrations/Add Integration and select Pipedrive. […]

HubSpot Integration

With the HubSpot integration you can import/export contacts and companies from/to HubSpot and create and see estimates directly in HubSpot. Watch the video or read the article to learn how to integrate zistemo to HubSpot.   Initial Connection with HubSpot To connect HubSpot and zistemo, go to My Profile/Integrations/Add Integration […]

What to do if you got sick on vacation

It’s never fun to be sick, but it’s especially awful to be under the weather on vacation. But how to handle vacation when being sick. Well, this one’s tricky. While in some countries you’re getting back your vacation days (because your vacation is interrupted by sickness)  in other countries you’re […]

Time Off in Lieu/Compensatory Time Off

If you using a work time model with flextime, staff can have overtime. Staff could take time off to reduce overtime. In zistemo there are two options to do so. We’ll explain each option below: 1) Turn overtime into vacation 2) Use leave type for time off lieu/compensatory time off […]

Skill Rating Explanation

You can rate skills for each staff and desired skills for teams. For each task you can rate 0-5 stars. For each rating there is an explanation – a legend –  you find below each skill rating grid. Please note that you can’t edit/customize those explanations. That doesn’t means you […]

Skill Matrix

A skill matrix, or competency matrix, is a toll to map skills for a team and the whole company. It’s a grid that visualizes skills and competencies in a team. This makes it an essential tool for any data-driven HR professional. With a skills matrix you can easily see which […]

Desired Skills for Teams

Desired skills per team are skills that every team member should have. It’s helpful when recruiting new talents for your open positions in your company. Further, you can check how many skills points each team member hits. Manage desired skills To manage desired skills for teams go to settings/skills and […]