Overlapping time

By default it is possible to have overlapping time entries for projects. But you can deny for specific users to create overlapping project time. Just go to contacts/staff/edit staff. Under the user role you see a checkbox where you can deny overlapping time for that user:   If this user […]

Export & Import Stationary Templates

If you using a test account and want to start afterwards a new account, you can easily export your templates which were created and import them into your new account or you just use it as a backup. You can export the ‘Company Templates’ in your company Account via the […]

Department Contact

A department contact can be used if you need to send your invoices via email to a department and not to a real person. A name etc. is not required using department contact. To create a department contact, just mark the contact as ‘Department Contact’ and insert the data. If […]

Project Time vs. Attendance Time via MySQL

  If you want to see the non-production time of your staff members you can do that with our SQL integration.You can insert the SQL-Query below and insert it into your data visualization software or your business intelligence tool. Then, you can measure the project time vs. attendance time. Here […]

Add documents to invoices and estimates

You can always attach documents to your invoices and estimates. Just go to the invoice/estimate and scroll down to the “Attached Documents: Upload File -or- Choose an existing file from your file folder: You also can select if you want to add the attachments when you sending the document as […]

Project Margin

If the timesheets (also if you use flat amount) and/or the expenses and/or the private mileages are assigned to the project then the project margin is calculated as predicted amount. As here shown in the project summary report: But we do only show the margin until the projects data aren’t […]

List of all Placeholders

1. Company Logo block 1.1 ::logo image:: 1.2 ::logo text:: 2. Sender Name block 2.1 ::sender address:: 2.2 ::creator email address:: 3. Client Address block 3.1 ::client name:: 3.2 ::client address:: 4. Document Info block 4.1 ::number:: 4.2 ::issue date:: 4.3 ::due date:: 4.4 ::service date:: 4.5 ::document title:: 4.6 […]

Manage Dashboard for staff members

If you are an Account Owner or an Admin you can manage or switch on the visibility of any widget on the dashboard for your staff members. Also, you can switch on or hide any dashboard widget available for staff. Go to Contacts -> Staff -> open the line end menu […]

Import Mileages via CSV

With zistemo, you can create mileages manually, but you can also import them from a .CSV file. Note: Please use “UFT-8” for encoding Just go to the “Import” link in the header menu: choose “Import Mileages” and click “Import”: Next, you can click on the “sample file” link and download […]

Items on Projects

Starting from an estimate Creating a Project out of an estimate Add/Search new item Update the item quantity Team Member View Invoice Items from project If you are working in a craft business, this feature will suit you good. For example: As a user for Car Service Company, you want to […]

SQL Data Warehouse

1. How to add the Integration 1.1 Use SSL Encryption 1.2 How to connect with MySQL 8.0 2. Cloud Applications recommendation 3. Bring the Data to Life With our new function “SQL Data Warehouse” you can easily export all your stored infos from zistemo to a SQL database. This gives you […]

Sets – group items and tasks

Sets are a summary of items and tasks. These Sets can easily added to Invoices, Estimates, Retainers and Purchases. E.g. you create an website for a customer, so the website includes the desing, development and testing. The Sets would be called Website, with the tasks or items added to it. […]