Using multiple time templates

If you want to use multiple time templates, here a short explanation: This allows you to create, manage and assign all kinds of working time models. 1. Create a new working time model. 2. Set your working time rules. 3. You can assign this model to a team/group or a staff/member.-> Contacts […]

Browser Extension

Using zistemo’s browser extension Using browser extension on Trello Using browser extension on Asana Using browser extension on Jira Reviewing time records NOTE: To see the embedded timer in Asana, Trello and Jira you need to make sure you have our browser extension installed and authorized after you established the […]

ZUGFeRD & XRechnung (en)

ZUGFeRD is an abbreviation for »Zentraler User Guide des Forum elektronische Rechnung Deutschland«. The goal of ZUGFeRD is to enable electronic invoice exchange including structured data in the public and private sectors. However, unlike existing standards like EDI it is not only targeted at large organizations, but also small and […]

Italian Invoice XML

Italy has a requirement now that all electronic invoices send by email needs to send also an XML Infomation block to an Italian exchange system. For our Italian customers we’ve implemented the ability to download the ‘FatturaPA’ and you can find it in the Invoice Preview Dropdown (Sales -> Invoices): […]

Xero Integration

If you want to synchronize your Xero account with your zistemo account, go to Your Profile/Integration/Add Integration:   This Integration will be for the whole company, not only for the user’s account that created this integration, so if it was done by the account owner for ex., then the admin […]

Connect Project Time with Attendance Time

Some companies don’t want their staff to take care of two time records, project time and attendance time. In this case you can use “Connect project time with attendance time” and you and your staff only need to track project time. This Setting is available per user, you’ll find it […]

API Info

An API (Application Programming Interface) is the building blocks developers use to create software and applications. Think of it as the linking of information between one source and another and the automation of tasks between them. You will need some level of experience coding to use the API. That being […]

Zapier BETA

How does Zapier integration work? Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect apps you use every day to automate tasks and save time. You can connect any of Zapier’s 750+ integrated apps together to make your own automation, without writing any code. Each automation (called a Zap) has one app as the Trigger, […]

Vacation Request Link – abilities to approve

There are 3 ways to get a notification to approve or reject the Vacation/Leave request: Email Slack Bell First of all, select “This needs to be approved”: Then choose which notification you would like to use in the Settings ->Attendance -> Vacation:   Email Notification Buttons ‘Approve’ and ‘Reject’ in […]

Team Report

In the Team Report you are able to see the efficiency of each team member. How to reach the report? Simply follow the steps: Reporting -> Time Tracking Reports -> Team Report   Settings and customizing the report: First of all choose your preferred date range:   You can also […]

Expenses in other currencies

If you want to add an expense in another currency and not in your base currency than you have to choose the currency you want (here US dollar). Beneath you will see the exchange rate (here from USD to EUR). The amount will be also translated to your base currency. […]

Meal Allowances

Meal allowances per day Meal allowances per overnight Meal allowances per day If you want to allow meal allowances for your staff, simply head over to the attendance settings. First head over to the “Leave” section in the attendance settings. Add another leave reason Choose and mark “this leave type […]

Invite a client & why can’t I delete a client?

Why can’t I delete a client? I’m getting a “Please correct the following” error message Invite and Re-Invite client Why can’t I delete a client? I’m getting a “Please correct the following” error message. You cannot delete a client if this client is associated with an active invoice, estimate or […]

Adding a Short Break Manually

You can not only clock in and out for a Short Break but also add it manually when needed. #1 and #2 – Go to Time and Projects ->Attendance -> Attendance Monitor (click on the person’s name). #3 – Click on the day you’d like to add a break to: […]

Change payment method from CC to Paypal

We only support new subscriptions to be paid via PayPal. That means if you would like to switch to this payment method, you would have to cancel your subscription and simply re-subscribe again with PayPal instead of Credit Card. We have had a few users who have done that before. Please rest assured […]

Delete Personalized Template

Personal Templates can be easily removed (if it was never in use) with the Delete button. But what to do if you already used it for an invoice and still want to get rid of it? 1. Make sure it is not chosen as the default one:   2. Now you need […]

Import Vendors

You can import Vendors from a CSV file including vendor’s name, streets, ZIP, city, state, country, phone, mobile, fax, e-mail, first name and last name. You can view and download a sample file HERE To import Vendors go to Contacts ➝ Vendors ➝ “Import”: Or User Menu (the dropdown under your […]