Attendance Monitor

Attendance Monitor You can also find more info about the Attendance Feature here. Online Employee Time Clock Calculator Digitalize your time & attendance processes. With our time clock app, employees can easily clock in and clock out from their phone, laptop, desktop or any other device. Professional live time cards display […]

Attendance – Department Calendar

The Department Calendar gives you a total overview of your departments and staff members. Please note that holidays are not shown on the Department Calendar. However, absences (vacations and leaves) are shown there. You can view either all departments or only your’s. You can switch between a monthly or yearly […]


Create flexible time models, configure time-off approval rules, streamline absence management, automate time records and simplify vacation planning in one go. Attendance – Monitor Attendance – Department calendar Attendance – My vacation calendar  Attendance Settings: Flex time model Flex time escalation Clock in rules Flex time reset Meal break rules […]

Calculation of Vacation Entitlement

Vacation entitlement when changing templates Changing Attendance Time Template Click on the upper arrow to open the list of templates available for you. If you want to edit a template, just click on the ‘pencil’ icon. If you want to delete a template, just choose the department name assigned to […]

Address on the Invoice

Is your address missing from the monthly subscription invoice? You may have forgotten to insert/update your address in the right settings section. First, go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Company Profile’ and scroll down to ‘Adress and Phone’. Insert here your preferred address. Don’t forget to press the ‘Save Changes’ Button. As simple as […]

Deactivate Staff/User

How to change ownership of recurring invoice profiles How to reactivate a user If you want to deactivate a user you need to click on the the dropdown on the right side and click on “deactivate user”: You cannot permanently delete any user. You only can deactivate them. If you […]

How to Translate Customized Templates

If you encounter any problems when translating an Invoice or Estimate into another language, here’s how to get it right. First, go to your Invoice in the Template Creator: Settings -> Stationary Templates -> and start to “edit” the preferred Template   In order to change the language for the […]

Capture Data – Temporary Staff Role

What is a ‘Capture Data’ and what permissions does this role involve? How can the role ‘Capture Data’ update time records and create/add tasks? What is a ‘Capture Data’ and what permissions does this role involve? For the temporary staff on your team, you can use the role Capture data, […]


Set Staff as an Administrator You may add an additional administrator to your account. That person can do the same as the account owner except performing the subscription changes. An administrator doesn’t see the Subscription and Reset Data pages, so he cannot buy a zistemo account, change subscription or reset […]

Accounts Aging

Accounts Aging is a report where you can see how much money your clients owe you. The data is grouped per clients and per time periods listed in 30–day aging “buckets”, so you can easily evaluate:  the health of your business; identify habitual late payers. Just go to Reporting  -> Client Reports -> Accounts Aging to get […]

Client Custom Fields

Add New Client Custom Field General With zistemo you can add more information about your clients by using Custom Fields. You’ll see this tab under Client Details on the edit client page. As you can see, Client Custom Fields could be different field types. These fields are also added to […]

zistemo Referral Program

Save money on your zistemo subscription by referring other people When can I start referring friends? Earn a 10% discount for each referral How do referrals work? What if one of my referred friends switches to a different paid plan? How long does each 10% discount last? What’s the maximum […]