Attendance Report

In the Attendance Report, you will get a detailed overview of your team-members/staff’ attendance. Follow the link, for the detailed calculations regarding the attendance report. Note: – Standard Break Times and Office Shutdown Times influence the Total Break Time – If the time model is Just CORE time, we calculate on Flex […]

Calculation of Vacation Entitlement

Vacation entitlement when changing templates Changing Attendance Time Template Click on the upper arrow to open the list of templates available for you. If you want to edit a template, just click on the ‘pencil’ icon. If you want to delete a template, just choose the department name assigned to […]

Recurring Invoices

Recurring Invoices are invoices that are created automatically with a specific frequency. zistemo allows you to create a Recurring Invoice Profile that will create and even send out these invoices for you. Just go to Sales -> Invoices -> Recurring Invoices -> and click ‘Create recurring Invoice’: On the “Create Recurring […]

The Client’s Account

The Client Account gives your client access to the following: – Dashboard – his own reports – Invoices (invoices, retainers, payments) – created for this client – Estimates – generated for this client – Own settings. On the Dashboard page, the client is able to see some general information about his […]

Retainer Creation

How to create a Retainer? Create a Retainer out of an Estimate Retainer data – description Why do you need a Retainer? The benefit of a Retainer is that the client pays in advance for products or services to be specified later. In other words, a Retainer is a payment […]

Bank Transfer Slip

You can create invoices with Bank Transfer Slip on the second page: So, how to add it? First, you should create a document template with Bank Transfer Slip (how to create your own template). Go to Edit template and mark the checkbox ‘Enable bank transfer slip’, then upload your bank […]

Staff: Working Hours and Notifications

You can define how much time your staff members should work during the week. Go to ‘Staff edit’ page -> ‘Working Hours’ block: Here you can enter the number of hours for each day of the working week. Also, you can enable notifications, for instance, if a user would work less than […]

Show Project Custom Fields on Invoice

zistemo helps you organize your projects better by adding any information which is important for you, your staff or business. For this purpose, you can create custom fields (read more here). This information can be further displayed on the invoices generated through the project (how to generate such an invoice? Read […]


zistemo allows you to apply different discounts for your invoice/estimate items: – Cash discount [other article] – Fixed discount – Percentage discount per item – Total Percentage discount  – Default discount – Show discount as value Fixed discount Fixed discounts can be applied by entering a new item with a […]

Project Hours

The “Project Hours” report shows the total hours spent by team members. You can easily find it in Reporting -> Time-Tracking Reports: In the report table, you can see the following: * date – when the time was logged * hours – the amount of logged hours * balance – […]


Default Font Template Font zistemo Default Font Default Font With zistemo, you can choose a default font for all your documents in Settings/Preferences/Defaults.   By default the default font is Open Sans. Please not that Open Sans don’t support all languages, for e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew characters you might choose […]

User Presence Report

The “User Presence” report (Reporting -> Time Tracking Reports -> User Presence Report) in zistemo is based on Presence Time Calendar data.   All data for this report we take from the Attendance Monitor. The ‘hours per day’ we take from the Attendance Template. So ‘start time’ its ‘clock in’, […]