Project Hours

The “Project Hours” report shows the total hours spent by team members. You can easily find it in Reporting -> Time-Tracking Reports: In the report table, you can see the following: * date – when the time was logged * hours – the amount of logged hours * balance – […]

User Presence Report

The “User Presence” report (Reporting -> Time Tracking Reports -> User Presence Report) in zistemo is based on Presence Time Calendar data.   All data for this report we take from the Attendance Monitor. The ‘hours per day’ we take from the Attendance Template. So ‘start time’ its ‘clock in’, […]

Editor on Terms & Conditions, Intros and Notes

To help you achieve a higher degree of personalized business communication, zistemo supports an editor on the existing “Terms & Conditions”, Intros and Notes. This means you can now customize texts not only in text templates but also right on the invoice/estimate page. Just tap the mouse in the related […]

Absenteeism Report

Another useful feature offered by zistemo is the “Absenteeism Report” which comes handy for those interested in having accurate information about their staff’s time records. This report gives you access to detailed data on the hours worked by each employee. With zistemo you can easily set daily working hours limits […]

Client’s VAT ID

Client’s VAT ID on invoices There are countries where you are legally bound to add the client VAT ID (tax number) on the invoice if a certain amount is exceeded (e.g. Austria – for invoices over 8.000 € – or in case of a reverse charge notice). Go to ‘Contacts’ […]

Reverse Charge Notice

Set a reverse charge notice With zistemo it’s easy to keep your invoices in accordance with official regulations. So if the receiver doesn’t need to pay VAT, you can use a reverse charge notice on your invoices. For instance, according to the European law, this has to be stated right on […]

Create/update an Estimate

Create a new estimate View or edit an estimate Estimate data – description Send an estimate to a customer Create a new estimate To create a new estimate go to, Sales ➝ Estimates ➝ Create Estimate ➝ fill fields ➝ click “Preview” or “Activate and Send”. You can also find […]

Currency and Language of Invoice

Currency Language Multi-currency invoicing You can convert invoices into any currency. As a default, the initial currency of your invoice will be the currency of your client (Client  -> Client Details -> Default Settings) To change the currency click on, create/edit invoice page click on ‘Show More Options’ ➝ choose […]

Staff Members, Roles and Permissions

General Info for all the Roles How do I invite a staff member to the account and then assign him a needed role? Staff page – data explanation General Info for all the Roles Here are the links to the detailed explanations of the zistemo’s Roles and Permissions: Team Member role, […]

Create/update Client

How do I create a client? Client page – data explanation. How do I create a client? To create a client, go to Contacts ➝ Clients ➝ Add Client ➝ fill the necessary fields ➝ click ‘Save Client’ Client page – data explanation On the Create/Update Client page, you can […]