Inactive Attendance Time Templates

If you are using multiple attendance time templates it might be that sometime you don’t use all of them and you don’t want to delete them. Here you learn how to make time templates as inactive and back to active again. If you are an Admin you can just delete […]

Export & Import Stationary Templates

If you using a test account and want to start afterwards a new account, you can easily export your templates which were created and import them into your new account or you just use it as a backup. You can export the ‘Company Templates’ in your company Account via the […]

Using multiple time templates

If you want to use multiple time templates, here a short explanation: This allows you to create, manage and assign all kinds of working time models. 1. Create a new working time model. 2. Set your working time rules. 3. You can assign this model to a team/group or a staff/member.-> Contacts […]

Delete Personalized Template

Personal Templates can be easily removed (if it was never in use) with the Delete button. But what to do if you already used it for an invoice and still want to get rid of it? 1. Make sure it is not chosen as the default one:   2. Now you need […]

Users Related to the Attendance Template

To see who’s assigned to your Attendance Template please go to Settings -> Attendance and scroll down to the bottom of the page: Here you will see the list of the Users that are assigned to this Attendance Template, their Roles, Departments, and Positions:

Attendance Template Rules on User Profile

Do you want to know your Attendance rules and your company’s vacation policy? Go to ‘My profile’ under your account: here you will see the tab ‘Attendance’: On the attendance tab you can see the information assigned to you by admin: You can review info about your Flex Time Model, […]

How to Translate Customized Templates

If you encounter any problems when translating an Invoice or Estimate into another language, here’s how to get it right. First, go to your Invoice in the Template Creator: Settings -> Stationary Templates -> and start to “edit” the preferred Template   In order to change the language for the […]

Default Template for a Client

As you can now set the default template for all documents (invoices, estimates, retainers) in Settings -> Stationery Templates (more here), you can also choose a special template for each client you have. Just go to the Update Client page -> ‘Client Default Settings’: Next, click on ‘Default Template’ field […]

Template Editor: General info

Default Template Icons-buttons on a Template header Header icons – buttons on a Template Blocks If you go to the Templates Settings (Settings -> Stationery Templates), you will see this next page: On the “Shared” tab you have all the templates already created by zistemo – for your convenience, there are […]

Stationery Templates – Invoice/Estimate Template Background

One-page invoices/One-page estimates Your business documents could have your own background style. How to create a document template? Read here. Now let’s see how the ‘Background Options’ works. By default, it’s a ‘Blank page’ – so all the pages of your business documents have a white (blank) background. If you […]

Template Placeholders

Each of your template blocks (more here) has the ‘placeholders’ option. Company Logo block Sender Name block Client Address block Document Info block Intro block Totals block Terms and Conditions block, Notes block Payment options block Pagination block There is some information which will be filled by default instead of each placeholder. […]

Document Space Images in the Templates

Document space images in the templates ‘No image available’ on Invoices You can use images from the Document Space (more about Document Space) in your Templates. You can add it as placeholders in blocks ‘Document info’ and ‘Placeholder’: When you are editing it, click on ‘Placeholder’ -> ‘Document space images’ […]

Stationery Templates – Your Own Invoice/Estimate Template

How to create my own template? Templates Editor General Settings Template Blocks (Placeholders) – Sender Name – Client Address – Company Logo – Document Info – Intro – Item table settings – Totals – Terms, Notes, Payment Options – Pagination – Footer – Footer Border – Signature – Placeholder – […]

Images on Templates: Stamp and Signature

In zistemo you can send and print invoices, as well as estimates with your own stamp or signature. This will increase the authenticity while enhancing the professional look of your documents. To attach a stamp or a signature to any invoices/estimates, first, you have to create a template with this […]

Text-block Templates

Flextime escalation messages Invoice Intro zistemo helps you automate and simplify your business correspondence while making it appear more professional. Therefore, we propose default texts for many of the messages you send through your zistemo account. All these messages, plus default invoice/estimate intros or default Terms and Conditions can be […]