Using Templates

What will happen if I change the template which is in use? How to create a template? Read here Your zistemo documents (invoices, estimates, purchase orders) have their document styles – templates. zistemo has 6 default templates (find out more about them from here) to begin with. You can review them in […]

Templates’ Types

Currently, we provide six types of PDF templates for your invoicing and estimates: Classic Clean Dubai Paris London Sofia Chicago Dortmund Praha The Classic Template The Clean Template The Dubai Template The Paris Template The London Template Sofia Template Note: Sofia template is especially convenient for our Bulgarian users. Only […]

Pipedrive Integration

With the Pipedrive integration you can import/export contacts and companies from/to Pipedrive and review estimates directly in Pipedrive. Watch the video or read the article to learn how to integrate zistemo to Pipedrive. Initial Connection with Pipedrive To connect Pipedrive and zistemo, go to My Profile/Integrations/Add Integration and select Pipedrive. […]

HubSpot Integration

With the HubSpot integration you can import/export contacts and companies from/to HubSpot and create and see estimates directly in HubSpot. Watch the video or read the article to learn how to integrate zistemo to HubSpot.   Initial Connection with HubSpot To connect HubSpot and zistemo, go to My Profile/Integrations/Add Integration […]

What to do if you got sick on vacation

It’s never fun to be sick, but it’s especially awful to be under the weather on vacation. But how to handle vacation when being sick. Well, this one’s tricky. While in some countries you’re getting back your vacation days (because your vacation is interrupted by sickness)  in other countries you’re […]

Time Off in Lieu/Compensatory Time Off

If you using a work time model with flextime, staff can have overtime. Staff could take time off to reduce overtime. In zistemo there are two options to do so. We’ll explain each option below: 1) Turn overtime into vacation 2) Use leave type for time off lieu/compensatory time off […]

Different Bank Accounts on Invoice Footer

Some companies has separate bank accounts for different currencies. E.g. you have an account for EUR/€, another account for CHF and a third account for GBP/£. But on zistemo you only can add one bank account to the company profile – your main bank account. This bank account is taken […]

Balanced Invoice with Retainer

If you want to sent to your client a balanced invoice (amount due =  0) you can run through the following steps to do so: Of course you need to have a paid retainer and an invoice. Next, you need to pay the invoice with the retainer. Therefore, you need […]

How to change vacation for staff individually?

In general, the vacation days per year are always in the attendance time template.   But you also can adjust vacation days per staff on the staff settings: But for the next year you need to adjust it again, since it will take the vacation days from the attendance time […]

Show every absence and leave types for all users

By default the team members can only see their own absences/vacations and leave types. But sometimes it might be useful if team members are able to see every absence of the on the absence calendar. Show every absence To do so, you can activate “Show every absence” within the attendance […]

List of all Placeholders

1. Company Logo block 1.1 ::logo image:: 1.2 ::logo text:: 2. Sender Name block 2.1 ::sender address:: 2.2 ::creator email address:: 3. Client Address block 3.1 ::client name:: 3.2 ::client address:: 4. Document Info block 4.1 ::number:: 4.2 ::issue date:: 4.3 ::due date:: 4.4 ::service date:: 4.5 ::document title:: 4.6 […]

Connect Project Time with Attendance Time

Connection Types Some companies don’t want their staff to take care of two time records, project time and attendance time. In this case you can use “Connect project time with attendance time” and you and your staff only need to track project time. This Setting is available per user, you’ll […]

Invite a client & why can’t I delete a client?

Why can’t I delete a client? I’m getting a “Please correct the following” error message Invite and Re-Invite client Why can’t I delete a client? I’m getting a “Please correct the following” error message. You cannot delete a client if this client is associated with an active invoice, estimate or […]

HR Admin Role

About HR Admin The HR Admin’s Permissions About HR Admin We are happy to present you a new role called HR Admin. An HR Admin can manage your staff members and teams, and can also create/read/update/delete members – except the account owner role. So if you’d like to assign someone an […]

Attendance – Vacation Days Adjusting

Adjust the remaining vacation days Show every absence Adjust the remaining vacation days Zistemo also supports “automatic calculation of vacation when switching templates”. Find more infos HERE. Once the attendance template is attached to a staff member, don’t forget to adjust the remaining vacation days for this year for this […]

Attendance Report – Detailed Calculations

1. Column ‘Start’ and ‘End’ 2. Column ‘Break’ 3. Column ‘Actual’ 4. Column ‘Plan’ 5. Column ‘Not payable’ 6. Column ‘Overtime’ 7. Column ‘Flextime balance’ Public Holidays Calculation All calculations are completed every day at 01:00 AM in your company’s time zone. 1. The ‘Start’ and ‘End’ Columns Start time […]