Import Timesheets via CSV

With zistemo, you can create timesheets manually, but you can also import them from a .CSV file. Just go to the “Import” link in the header menu, choose “Import Timesheets” and click “Import”: Next, you can click on the “sample file” link and download an example of the .csv file. […]

Special prefix for invoices

From your zistemo account, you can assign a special prefix to invoices created for a precise client or a particular project. You can easily add such a prefix right on Client’s page (Contacts -> Clients -> Edit client), as shown below: In this case, the invoice number for this client […]

Transaction Report

The “Transaction Report” is a report that includes the invoices you created, the payments you received and the expenses that have been made. Find it in “Reporting” -> “Accounting Reports” -> “Transaction Report”. This report consists of 4 tables, as you can see below: – Invoices Created – includes all […]

Templates font

With zistemo, you can choose a default font for all your documents in “Settings” -> “Preferences” -> block “Default font for templates”. This detail is very important, especially if you use one of the not-so-common currencies, whose symbol is supported only by some fonts or if you are using specific characters […]

Timesheet Invoicing

In zistemo, you have two ways of billing your clients based on the times your staff worked for them: 1. You can create an invoice based on the project (this will include all the time your staff spent working on a specific project). More about this type of invoice creation […]

Import Expenses

In order to create an expense in zistemo, you have two options: 1. You can do it manually, by clicking the “Add Expense” button or 2. By import through .csv file (click the “Import” button -> choose ‘Import as CSV’ OR open user menu -> ‘Import’ -> choose ‘Import Expenses’ […]

Cost Report

‘Cost Report’ is a detailed report about timesheets (logged hours), staff rates, total costs per timesheet, total hours and total costs. You can find this report in “Reporting” -> “Accounting Reports” -> “Cost Report”: Use filters to view only the data you’re interested in, for instance, you can select the […]


If you want to export all your zistemo account data to one (.csv) file, the “Big Export” feature will help you do it. First, choose “Account Export” from the user menu: On “Export Data” page, click “Export Your Data”: As soon as the data will be archived as a ZIP […]

More than 30 Users on the Enterprise Plan

If you’re on the Enterprise pricing plan, the maximum number of users (staff) you can invite is 30. If you need to add more people on your zistemo, you can “buy” additional users on the “Subscription Details” page: go to My Profile -> Subscription -> and click on “Add Users”. […]

2Checkout Payment Gateway

With zistemo, your clients can pay invoices online through their “Client” profile. To make it possible, you should integrate your account with one or several payment gateways. One of such payment gateways is 2Checkout. To start the integration, go to “Settings” -> “Payment Integration” -> click the “Active” button. Then […]

Datev Export

zistemo supports exports for invoices and expenses in Datev file format (CSV files). This format is primarily used in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland by tax consultants. You can find the “Datev export” function in the “Export” menu. First, select the entry “zistemo Datev” from the “File Format” dropdown list. In […]

Credit Memo/Cancel Invoice

Credit Memo via cancellation of an invoice Credit Memo via negative amount of an invoice Credit Memo via cancellation of an invoice In case you’ve sent an invoice, but the client doesn’t like the product or wants a refund, zistemo helps you cancel the invoice and send a “Credit Memo” […]

Mark “Zero invoices” as Paid

In zistemo you cannot create a payment for 0.00 amount invoices (also, your clients cannot make such payment through PayPal or credit card because an amount is required). However, if, for any reasons, you need to mark these invoices as “paid”, zistemo allows it. Just choose the needed invoice and […]


Items inventory tracking How zistemo calculates the cost of outgoing items zistemo helps you to track the number of available items (products) your company holds for reselling. It’s commonly known as Stock or – and as we also call it here – the Inventory. To set the number of products […]

User Presence Report

The “User Presence” report (Reporting -> Time Tracking Reports -> User Presence Report) in zistemo is based on Presence Time Calendar data.   All data for this report we take from the Attendance Monitor. The ‘hours per day’ we take from the Attendance Template. So ‘start time’ its ‘clock in’, […]

Team Members’ ability to create New Tasks

By default, in zistemo, new tasks can be created by the account owner, an admin or a leader (who has access to the account’s “Product List”). Now you can also allow Staff Members and “Capture Data” users to create tasks themselves. Just go to “Edit/Create Staff” page (Contacts -> Staff -> choose the […]

Global Number Input Format

In zistemo you can choose the number format which is convenient for you. Once chosen, it means that each time you edit or fill number fields, you should use this format. To set up the number format you prefer, go to “Settings” -> “Company Profile” -> “Company Settings” block. Here, you’ll […]

Projects Grid

Search Projects zistemo makes your business data more visually-friendly. That’s why, if you go to ‘Time & Projects’ -> ‘Projects’, you’ll notice the ‘Projects’ table includes general information about existing projects that are very accessible and easy to understand. – The first column – ‘Project Name’ – shows project names, […]