Banking – General Info

zistemo has a special “Banking” tab, where you can add and track your bank accounts, credit card accounts, and cash. By default, in your “Banking” tab you already have a “Petty Cash” account. It’s a cash account that records details of all amounts paid or received in cash. However, you also […]

Slack Integration

Integrate your zistemo account with Slack Add Projects to Slack Direct messages to Slack Flex-time Escalation rules Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration tool. It brings all your communication together in one place by including real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams. More infos about slack Integrate your zistemo […]

Your Vendor Number for Clients

In zistemo, on each Client page, there is a field “Your Vendor Number for This Client” (in the “Client Default Settings” tab): If you want to print it on the invoices (or estimates) for this client, just choose it from the placeholders available for the address block on the invoice/estimate. […]

Surcharge for expenses

1. Add Admin Fee 2. Change the fixed amount & percentages for admin fees Add Admin Fee In zistemo, if an expense is assigned to a project/client and is billable – you can add an admin fee to this expense. It can be a fixed amount or a percentage of […]

Links to the Relevant Knowledge Base Pages

Have you noticed the “Help” link in your account menu? It helps you find the answers to your zistemo questions in Knowledge Base. This link will redirect you to the Knowledge Base article related to the current zistemo page (the one you are on at some specific moment). For example, […]

Dashboard Widgets

On this page you can learn how to manage your dashboard widget and what dashboard widget you can use on your zistemo dashboard. Since there are plenty of dashboard widgets to use you can review the overview below and you also get informations about permissions and visibility. 1. Manage Dashboard […]

User Presence Notifications

In general, if you (or your staff members) are working with zistemo, your presence status should be “Online”. But if you log in with statuses the “Offline”, “Break” or “Vacation”, zistemo will ask you to change the status. Also, we highly recommend you to change your status to “Offline” before […]

Recent Activities

The “Recent Activity” section in your Dashboard includes 6 tabs: “My Projects”, “My Reports”, “Invoices”, “Estimates”, “Team” and “All”. It always displays the last 10 activities, from the most recent to the oldest. My Projects. This tab displays information about the newly-created projects or the projects for which users logged hours […]

Subscription: Expired Cards

If you bought a zistemo subscription, you shouldn’t pay it manually each month. The amount will be charged automatically from your card. But if your card is about to expire, zistemo will send you an email notification about it at the beginning of the month when your card expires. Therefore, remember […]

Braintree as a Payment Gateway

As they put it in their own words: “Braintree is a simple, robust way to accept payments or enable commerce from almost anywhere — in your mobile app or online.” You can now add a Braintree as one of the payment gateways available in your zistemo account. It means that […]

Mileage Reports

There are two mileage reports you can have by using zistemo: – The Mileage Report 1 (go to: Reporting -> Accounting Reports -> Mileage Report) – The Mileage Report 2 (path: Reporting -> Client Reports -> Mileage Report) The Mileage Report 1 (Accounting Reports -> Mileage Report) only shows information about […]

Mileage Tracking, Billing, Approval process & Settings

1. Create Mileage 2. Mileage Rate 3. Mileage Billing 4. Mileage Settings 4.1 Automatic Tax on Mileage 4.2 “Attach to project” is checked by default 4.3 Notes, Departure, Arrival are required “field” settings 4.4 Enable mileage approval process 4.5 Manage Trip purpose 4.6 Delete all mileages 5. Mileages – compensated […]

Import Expenses from Shoeboxed/Expensify

Expensify Shoeboxed Xero Expenses Import To integrate zistemo expenses with Expensify or Shoeboxed, first, you have to set it up in “User menu” -> “Integration”. Expensify Click the “Expensify” button. Here, you need to fill “Client ID” and “Client Secret”. To get it, click the green link in the header – […]

Default Client and Project

When you create a new zistemo account, you will see “Test Client” as a client in your “Clients” list and a “General” project in the “Projects” list. Both “General” project and “Test client” are sample files, created for your convenience. Now you don’t have to manually add such a data […]

Import Timesheets via CSV

With zistemo, you can create timesheets manually, but you can also import them from a .CSV file. Note: Please use “UFT-8” for encoding Very important: If you import timesheets for a staff member that doesn’t exist in your staff list – this member will be added automatically after timesheets importing. The […]