Staff: Assigned Projects

Assign member on the Staff page Assign member on the Project page Notify member if assigned to project Assign member on the Staff page Please note that this feature is only available up to 50 projects. If you’ve more than 50 projects you can’t assign staff to projects on the […]


zistemo allows you to apply different discounts for your invoice/estimate items: – Cash discount [other article] – Fixed discount – Percentage discount per item – Total Percentage discount  – Default discount – Show discount as value Fixed discount Fixed discounts can be applied by entering a new item with a […]

Project Statuses

On zistemo, each project has a status. You can see it on the Project dashboard: Projects can have any of the following statuses: 1. Not started – if you just create it and then do nothing with it. 2. In progress – if you or your staff members are working on […]

Attach Expenses to an Invoice

Assigne expenses to a client or/and a project Attach multiple expenses Assigne expenses to a client or/and a project With zistemo, you can easily bill your expenses if they are assigned to a client or/and a project. First, choose the client/project for the expense: Note: Don’t forget to mark the […]

Make ‘Paid’ invoices “Unpaid”

You can make your “Paid” invoices “Unpaid” by simply choosing the invoice and click ‘Mark as unpaid’: In this case, the related payment will also be deleted from the Payments list. Moreover, if the invoice had a discount, the linked expense will be erased (more about discounts here). If a […]

Notification System

At the top right menu, you can see a Bell icon which indicates any notifications received from zistemo, for instance about new features and improvements or information about unsuccessful email sending. The system will notify you with any changes, requests, or actions that are happening on your account. The amount […]

Stationery Templates – Your Own Invoice/Estimate Template

How to create my own template? Templates Editor General Settings Template Blocks (Placeholders) – Sender Name – Client Address – Company Logo – Document Info – Intro – Item table settings – Totals – Terms, Notes, Payment Options – Pagination – Footer – Footer Border – Signature – Placeholder – […]

Project Budget Method

Hours per Staff Hours per Task Total Project Hours Total Project Cost Staff Day Rate Task Day Rate Recurring Budget The “Project Budget Method” is an optional information about the forecasted project price or forecasted time spent on this project. You can set it on the “Create/Update Project” page by […]

Project Hours

The “Project Hours” report shows the total hours spent by team members. You can easily find it in Reporting -> Time-Tracking Reports: In the report table, you can see the following: * date – when the time was logged * hours – the amount of logged hours * balance – […]

Logged Hours

‘Logged Hours’ is a brief view of the logged project hours of each team member. In other words, ‘Logged Hours’ is a generalized part report of the ‘Timesheet Details’ report.  In ‘Logged Hours’, you can group the information by a team or a task: In each table of this report, if […]

Subscription plans

Free Trial You can use your free trial after you have registered. Your free trial is active for 30 days (max. 5 users). You can then buy one of our full subscriptions to continue working with zistemo. Starter Plan You can use the Starter Plan if you don’t need to […]

Email Confirmation for the New Accounts

Once you’ve registered for a new zistemo account you should confirm your e-mail. We will send you the confirmation link in the Welcome E-mail: It’s important to confirm your e-mail, otherwise, you will not be able to invite the staff members/clients, send invoices/estimates or upload files to the document space. […]


Vendors have their own tab in zistemo. You can save all Vendors information by going to Contacts -> Vendor. Click “Add Vendor” to create a new one: Here you can add all the vendor information you need – Vendor Name, Number, Currency, Language. Use tabs like ‘Vendor contacts’, ‘Address’, ‘Vendor default […]


Delete/Archive and Undelete/Unarchive Grids are the lists of invoices or estimates, expenses, projects, clients etc. For example, if you go to Sales ->Invoices – you will see the Invoices grid: Each table includes columns with the main information: There are helpful buttons such as “Search” and “Show all …” which […]

Your zistemo Subscription Invoices

Buying extra GB of document space Where to find the subscription monthly invoices from zistemo? Buying additional users Whenever you buy a subscription and then each month, for as long as you remain a zistemo subscriber, we will send you a confirmation email. Attached to this email you’ll also find the […]

Reminders & Notifications

Payment Reminders Time Tracking Reminders Weekly Timesheet Reminders Estimate Reminders Slack Integration Project Assignment Notification Mileage Notification Approve Timesheet Notification Payment Reminders You can set up automatic payment reminders that will be sent to your clients if an invoice is overdue. If you want to know more about how to […]

Team Approvals

If you enabled the “Approve Timesheets” feature (Settings -> Preferences -> the “Approve Timesheets” block, read more on Timesheet Approving here) in “Time & Projects you will see an extra tab – “Approvals” – where you can review team members’ working hours and see which weeks are approved, unapproved or […]

Timesheet Approval

Allow “Team Leader to Approve Timesheets Only Admin can Unlock Timesheets With zistemo, you can save more time by simplifying the timesheet approval process. Just enable the “Approve timesheets” feature and you’ll get the magic of it. Note: Timesheets can be approved only by the account owner, admins or team […]

Team Timesheet: Monthly and Weekly View

The Monthly View The Weekly View Option: Insert all tasks of the previous week zistemo gives you two view options when it comes to “Team Timesheets”, a weekly one and a monthly one. You’ll find them under the tabs “Month” and “Week” on your Team Timesheets screen. The Monthly View […]