Project Time Management

There is a lot of different software for project time management, but none are as flexible as zistemo. You can work with different billing and budgeting methods, directly create the invoices of your choice in your own corporate design from the time records, and generate reports as you need them.

zistemo works the way you need it to work. You have your business processes and the tool can be adapted to them; not vice versa, as is unfortunately often the case.

Explore zistemo project time management


Project overview

The most important details of every project are immediately visible in this overview.

Here you can also create a new project or manually change a project's status.


Create a new project

When creating a new project, enter the basic information and the specific details of this project.

You can either create a project completely from scratch or on the basis of an already existing bid, in which case you won't need to reenter all the data.


Add tasks and team members

Add tasks and team members to the new project.

You can add or group individual tasks to the project.

Likewise, you can assign individual employees or entire teams to the project.


Billing methods for a project

As with everything in zistemo, this point is exceptionally flexible, too. You can bill projects according to 3 different methods:

  • Flat rate billing: calculate parts of a project at a flat rate.
  • Hourly billing: bill by the hours spent on the project, based on the hourly fees of the team members involved.
  • Single price for an entire project: the entire project is billed according to an agreed flat rate.

Flexible project budgets

4 different methods of budgeting are available in zistemo:

  • Hours per team member: the budgeted hours are based on the number of hours each person is expected to work on the project.
  • Hours per task: the budgeted hours are calculated on the basis of the hours spent.
  • Total project costs: an overall budget for the entire project. You can separate project-related and general operating costs.
  • Total project hours: all hours for the entire project are budgeted.

Project time recording

Once you have saved the new project, you can start recording the time spent on it.

Simply select the project and task you want to work on and start the time tracker.


Team member review of hours spent working on a project

As a team member, you review the recorded hours and summarize them as a weekly or monthly report.

You can then submit the weekly report to your supervisor for approval. Once submitted, nobody can change the reported hours.


Supervisor approval of hours spent working on a project

All of the team's time reports can be found in an overview. With one click you can switch from week to week.

In this overview, you can see at a glance whether there are still unapproved reports you need to check.


Team monitor

The team monitor lets you see who is currently working on which task in real time.

And you can also see who's in today and who's taking a break. This way, you're always up-to-date about the progress of the work.


Track project expenses

Of course, every project has its expenses. These can be assigned to each project.

On a case-by-case basis, you decide whether to charge these costs to the customer or simply assign them to the project to keep track of its budget.

You can also assign several line items to one expense.

You also decide whether the expense should be paid by the team member or reimbursed.

And, last but not least, you can add admin surcharges for your work.


Create invoices

The invoice wizard makes it quick and easy to create professional invoices for your project. Of course, zistemo lets you use your corporate design.

Decide if you want to attach a timesheet to the bill and which time period you want to include in the calculations.


Extensive billing options

You can also bill several projects in a single invoice.

You can also bill additional products, travel, or other costs in the same invoice.


Your bill, your corporate design

One of the advantages of zistemo that makes your day-to-day work easier is the freedom you have when creating any document.

You can develop your invoice templates in the template editor, completely in your corporate design. Of course, you can change these text templates at any time.


Freely designed reports

Set up report formats of your choosing for your projects. You can limit these to specific customers, projects, project status, teams involved, or contributors.

And you can group them by user or task.