Accounts Aging

Accounts Aging is a report where you can see how much money your clients owe you. The data is grouped per clients and per time periods listed in 30–day aging “buckets”, so you can easily evaluate:  the health of your business; identify habitual late payers. Just go to Reporting  -> Client Reports -> Accounts Aging to get […]

Revenue by Client

Revenue by Client is a report which displays the all the invoices you’ve billed to your clients. Use this report to get a clear view of the following: the revenue generated by each client; where your business comes from; which clients bring more money; your most valuable collaborators. Data is […]

User Summary

User Summary is a time-tracking report of logged hours for a specific team member. All data is grouped by members. With User Summary, you get to see in an instant: – which tasks were assigned to a certain staff member and on which projects; – how many hours they worked […]

Task Summary

Filter by Active Projects Task Summary is a report about hours spent on particular task by a particular team member. All data is grouped by tasks. Just go to Reporting  -> Time-tracking Reports -> Task Summary to start customizing your own report. Here you can filter information by date range, projects, team members, […]

Timesheet Details

Time format Links in Timesheet Details report: edit hours on Timesheet Report Time Rounding Featured in Time-Tracking Reports ‘Print values’ in Timesheet Details Report Filter by Active Projects Timesheet Details is a detailed report of your team’s timesheets and logged hours. At any point, you can easily narrow it down and group […]

Item Sales Report

Item Sales is a detailed report of sold items. It groups information by items and shows how many items were sold, their amounts and in which invoices they were included. The Item Sales Report table consists of the following 10 columns: – Clients    The client who purchased this item (the […]

Tasks Invoiced Report

‘Tasks Invoiced’ is a detailed report of completed and billed tasks of staff members. It groups information by tasks and shows how many hours were billed (included in your invoice), their costs, total amount and in which invoices they were included. You can filter information: – by date (when these tasks were invoiced) – […]

MoneyPenny Referral Program

Save money on your MoneyPenny subscription by referring other people When can I start referring friends? Earn a 10% discount for each referral How do referrals work? What if one of my referred friends switches to a different paid plan? How long does each 10% discount last? What’s the maximum […]

Tax Consultant Invitation

How do I invite a tax consultant? To invite a Tax Consultant to your account, go to Contacts ➝ Tax Consultant ➝ Invite Tax Consultant ➝ enter the email address and click ‘Send’ When the tax consultant accepts your invitation, you will see their data on the tax consultant tab.

Working with Staff Members

How can my staff member track time? Each staff member has access to their own timesheets. They can log time manually, using weekly or monthly time tracking or by using the timer. Staff members can log hours only to the projects they are assigned. How do I delete a staff […]

Staff Members, Roles and Permissions

Here are the links to the detailed explanations of the MoneyPenny’s Roles and Permissions: Team Member role, a Capture Data role, an HR Admin an Administrator role, a Team Leader role. General Info for all the roles: How do I invite a staff member to the account and then assign him a needed […]

Import & Export

Import Clients Export Contacts Import clients You don’t always need to add a client manually. You can simplify this process by using the import feature. To import clients, go to Contacts ➝ Clients ➝ “Import” (or user menu -> “Import” -> choose “Import Clients” and click “Import”). You can import […]

Working with Clients

Client Net Revenue Why we use primary and non-primary contacts? On the client page, you can create one primary and many non-primary contacts for a client. Primary contacts cannot be deleted. This is the contact for the client which will always be used to receive estimates and approve/pay invoices. You […]

Create/update Client

How do I create a client? Client page – data explanation. How do I create a client? To create a client, go to Contacts ➝ Clients ➝ Add Client ➝ fill the necessary fields ➝ click ‘Save Client’ Client page – data explanation On the Create/Update Client page, you can […]

Tax Consultant

Who is a tax consultant? How do I invite a tax consultant? How do I delete a tax consultant? Data Access Who is a tax consultant? How do I invite a tax consultant? A tax consultant is a user role on which has limited access to your account. You […]

The Client

Who is a client? How do I invite the client? A client is an external user role on which has limited access to your admin account. You can invite your customers as the clients so they will be able to view their invoices and estimates and pay them online. […]

Email Notifications Set Up

Types of system notification by e-mail There are five types of notifications: Weekly Summary – every Monday at 9:00 am (in your time zone) you can choose to receive an email summarizing the week’s changes to your account. Payment Received – each time when your clients pay an invoice, you […]

Using Payment Options

How do the clients pay invoices? To pay the Invoice online your client has to be invited to join MoneyPenny. How to do it please read here Your client’s payment options will be displayed in the invoice preview Your client will be able to make an online payment by clicking […]

Payment Method Customization

What are the payment methods? How can I customize them? Available payment methods. How to activate it? What are the payment methods? How can I customize them? Payment methods are the available online payment services for invoice paying. To customize your payment methods go to, Settings ➝ Payment Integration ➝ ‘Config’ […]