Payments Made by Clients

How do I connect zistemo to a payment gateway to allow for online payments? Activate payment gateways at, Settings ➝ Payment Integration ➝ ‘Active’ button Then attach these payment methods to the invoice on the invoice page and send to your client. Online payments via payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, […]

Payment Gateways – Online Payments

Payments supported by zistemo settings To mark invoices as paid, you can record the payment manually as the account owner or an admin  or a team leader. …Or your clients can make payments online. The available payment methods are PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, Braintree. To set up these payment gateways go […]

Expense Categories

Recording a new expense category The zistemo includes a default list of expenses based on DATEV. However, you can add your own expense categories and subcategories. To add a category go to Purchases ➝ Expense Categories ➝ Add Category Using expense categories Every expense is linked to an expense category. […]

Expense Statuses

You can view the expenses’ statuses on the expenses grid: There are 9 expense statuses, which belongs to 3 groups: Assigned to a Client Claimed by Internal Staff Paid by the Company/Claimant 1. Non-billable (the expense status is a client related) If the expense is not attached to the client/project or […]

Using Expenses

Record expenses from the business to a client If some of your business expenses are related to a particular client or project, you can invoice the client with these expenses. To attach expense to the client or project, mark check-box ‘Attach to project’ on the expense page ➝ and choose […]

Create/update an Expense

How to create an expense? How do I update/delete an expense? Create Transaction How to make an expense recurring with one click? How do I search for a specific expense? Sort Expenses Expense Statuses How to create an expense? To create an expense go to Purchases ➝ Expenses ➝ Add […]

Logging Time with the Timer

I need to edit the Start time while the timer is running How does the timer work? On zistemo you can use the timer for counting and logging working hours. To open the timer, just click on the button “Start Timer” at the top of the page: or go to, […]

Using the Weekly Time sheet

How do I track working time? You can find your weekly timesheet at Time & Projects ➝ Time Tracking ➝ Week. Here you can: – add or change hours manually in the task-day field; – delete all weekly entries per task by clicking on the cross icon on the grid. […]

Using the Monthly Timesheet

How do I track working time? You can find your monthly timesheet at, Time & Projects ➝ Time Tracking ➝ Month Here you can log the hours using the ‘log time’ widget. You can also view a calendar showing the amount of logged hours per day. Choose any day on […]

Status of Time Sheet Entries

You can see the time entries statuses on the timesheet table: Timesheet entries have six statuses: 1. Non-billable – if a task is marked as non-billable on a project (in this case, you will not be able to attach the related timesheet to the invoice) or if the task is related to […]

Updating Time Records

How do I change the hours that I logged? To edit timesheet entries go to, Time & Projects ➝ Time Tracking ➝ click on the pencil icon on the timesheet grid. You can change the project, task, notes and hours of the timesheet entry. Note: You can see when the […]

Logging Time

How can I log the time? Why Do I have the duplicated time entries? You can log hours of daily work to your timesheet. Go to, Time&Projects ➝ Time Tracking. Choose the project and the task and enter hours ➝ after clicking ‘Log Time’ record will be saved. Note: Double-clicking or […]

Invoicing the Client

Invoice the clients based on the staff’s time The new invoice wizard The old invoice wizard Invoice against a project balance (invoice the project partly) The billing method of the project The ability to change hours on generated invoices Unapproved hours in Invoice Wizard Invoice the clients based on the […]

Using Projects

Create a project from an estimate You can create a project based on your estimate data. To do this go to, estimate grid ➝ choose ‘Convert to Project’ on the row end menu ➝ enter the project name and click ‘Create Project’. Note: If your estimate has a title, then […]

Project billing methods

Hourly task rate Hourly staff rate Hourly project rate Flat Project Amount Flat Amount for tasks A “Project billing method” is a way in which your project costs will be calculated and invoiced to your clients. You can choose or change a project billing method on the “Update Project” page. […]

Create a Project

How do I create a project? To create a project, go to Time & Projects ➝ Projects ➝ Create New Project Project data When you open the project page, you can see the following data and customization: – Project number – an internal number for this project. This field is required […]

Team Leader

Who is a Staff Leader and what permissions does he have? How do I invite a Staff Leader? How to deactivate a staff leader? Who is a Staff Leader? A Staff Leader is a user role on zistemo which has limited access to the account. To be more specific, a […]

Team Member

Who is a staff member? How do I invite a staff member? How do I deactivate a staff member? Who is a staff member? A Staff Member is a user role on zistemo which has limited access to your account. A “Staff Member” user will have access to the following […]

Credit Card Details

How do I update my credit card details? If you would like to change the credit card used for paying the subscription, go to My Profile (click on your name at the top of the page) ➝ Subscription. Here you can change a Credit Card Details or update a Billing […]