Statuses of Estimates

You can see the estimates statuses on the Estimates grid: Estimates can have six statuses: 1. Draft. Status appears if you click “Preview” after estimate creation: 2. Activated. Status appears if you click “Activate and Send” after estimate creation… OR if you send to your client the “Draft” estimate or you […]

Estimate Actions

Estimate replying and commenting Before approving an estimate, your clients may reply to further discuss. In order to reply to your estimate they need to open the estimate preview  (Sales -> Estimates) -> by clicking on estimate name on the grid➝ click ‘Message History’ ➝ insert their comment and click ‘Send’. […]

Estimate Grid

How do I find a required estimate? You can quickly find required estimates by using the search feature. You can filter estimates by a client, an estimate name, an estimate’s number, a date, an amount of the estimate, status, and currency. Bulk Actions You can use bulk actions for estimates […]

Create/update an Estimate

Create a new estimate View or edit an estimate Estimate data – description Send an estimate to a customer Create a new estimate To create a new estimate go to, Sales ➝ Estimates ➝ Create Estimate ➝ fill fields ➝ click “Preview” or “Activate and Send”. You can also find […]

Statuses of Invoice

You can see the invoices statuses on the invoices grid: Invoice statuses Invoices can have any of the following 7 statuses: 1. Draft. This status appears if you click “Preview” after you created an invoice: 2. Activated. A status which appears when you click “Activate and Send” after invoice creation: OR if you […]

Invoice Actions

Invoice disputing and commenting Invoice Payment The difference between deleted and archived invoices Invoice disputing and commenting Before paying an invoice your clients are able to dispute it. To dispute an invoice they will need to open the invoice preview (by clicking on invoice name on the grid) ➝ click […]

Currency and Language of Invoice

Currency Language Multi-currency invoicing You can convert invoices into any currency. As a default, the initial currency of your invoice will be the currency of your client (Client  -> Client Details -> Default Settings) To change the currency click on, create/edit invoice page click on ‘Show More Options’ ➝ choose […]

Invoice Grid

How do I find an invoice? You can quickly find required invoices by using the search feature. You can filter invoices by the client, invoice number, invoice title, date, due date, amount of invoice, status, and currency. Bulk Actions You can use bulk actions for invoices by marking the check-boxes […]

Invoice Creation/Updating

How to create an invoice? View or edit an invoice Change Pay Terms Invoice data – description Create products through invoice Invoice numbering. Can I re-use an old invoice number? Create a credit note Reminder e-mails I want to re-use an invoice for a new client. Can I duplicate/copy invoices? […]

Create an Item/Task through the Invoice/Estimate/Project

1. How to create a new product through the estimate/invoice/project? 2. How to edit an existing product through an invoice/estimate/project? 3. How to create temporary (one-time use) products for an invoice/estimate? 1. How to create a new product through the estimate/invoice/project? If you would like to create a new estimate […]

Item/Task Using

Product List using for invoices, estimates, projects Your product list is used for creating invoices, estimates and projects. On the invoice or estimate body you can choose tasks and items by clicking ‘Add New Line’. (Sales -> Invoices -> Create Invoice) …Then choose a product from the list. For projects […]

Item/Task Creating

Create a new product (task or item) To create a new task go to, Sales ➝ Products List ➝ My Tasks ➝ Create a Task On task page you can change the following fields: – task name – price without tax – hourly task rate – price with tax – the […]