Attendance Vacation – Use ban on Vacations

In the Vacation Attendance Settings, you can also set up a “ban on vacations”, meaning your Employees cannot request vacation for a certain period. For example, you have to finish important work which needs to be done at the end of every quarter. Note: Rule: The ban cannot overlap with […]

Attendance Report – Detailed Calculations

1. Column ‘Start’ and ‘End’ 2. Column ‘Break’ 3. Column ‘Actual’ 4. Column ‘Plan’ 5. Column ‘Not payable’ 6. Column ‘Overtime’ 7. Column ‘Flextime balance’ Public Holidays Calculation All calculations are completed every day at 01:00 AM in your company’s time zone. 1. The ‘Start’ and ‘End’ Columns Start time […]

Users Related to the Attendance Template

To see who’s assigned to your Attendance Template please go to Settings -> Attendance and scroll down to the bottom of the page: Here you will see the list of the Users that are assigned to this Attendance Template, their Roles, Departments, and Positions:

Attendance Template Rules on User Profile

Do you want to know your Attendance rules and your company’s vacation policy? Go to ‘My profile’ under your account: here you will see the tab ‘Attendance’: On the attendance tab you can see the information assigned to you by admin: You can review info about your Flex Time Model, […]

Attendance Reports

Absence Report Attendance Report Detailed Calculations for the attendance reports If you want a detailed overview of your and your staff’s attendance, you can find here the reports:

Attendance Flex Time – Advanced Settings/Flextime Settings

1. Advanced Settings 2. Flex-Time Settings 2.1. Compensate downtime with vacation 2.2. Turn overtime into vacation 2.3. Show changelog of corrections 2.4. Ignore all worktime rules 1. Advanced Settings When using flextime, you need to set a Start Date and Initial Hours when the flextime account starts to run and […]

Attendance Report

In the Attendance Report, you will get a detailed overview of your team-members/staff’ attendance. Follow the link, for the detailed calculations regarding the attendance report. Note: – Standard Break Times and Office Shutdown Times influence the Total Break Time – If the time model is Just CORE time, we calculate on Flex […]

View the App in Different Roles

As an account ‘owner’ or an ‘admin’, you have the ability to view the app from different perspectives/user roles. This gives you a better overview of what your team members, team leader, tax consultant or capture data account users are able to see and edit in their own accounts. The […]

Attendance Monitor – Make a request for a change

If you accidentally added a wrong time or forgot to clock in or out, you can send a ‘request for change’ to your account owner or admin. The supervisor is in charge to create or modify the clock-in -out time in the monitor. Staff members are able to submit requests […]

Absence Report

This report is related to the attendance feature and will give you a detailed absence overview of your employees and yourself. The meaning of ‘Duration’ and ‘In Period’ Columns For example, I’m on leave from 12 January till 14 January: and in the report I would like to see my […]

Attendance – My Absence Calendar (manage my vacations)

If you want to access your vacation calendar, just click Time & Projects -> “Attendance”: How to submit a request for vacations you can read here On this calendar you will see your vacation/leave with the status “draft”, “pending”, “approved” or “unapproved”(requires a substitutor’s approval) as well as an overview about […]