Vacation Request Link – abilities to approve

There are 3 ways to get a notification to approve or reject the Vacation/Leave request: Email Slack Bell First of all, select “This needs to be approved”: Then choose which notification you would like to use in the Settings ->Attendance -> Vacation:   Email Notification Buttons ‘Approve’ and ‘Reject’ in […]

Team Report

In the Team Report you are able to see the efficiency of each team member. How to reach the report? Simply follow the steps: Reporting -> Time Tracking Reports -> Team Report   Settings and customizing the report: First of all choose your preferred date range:   You can also […]

Meal Allowances

Meal allowances per day Meal allowances per overnight Meal allowances per day If you want to allow meal allowances for your staff, simply head over to the attendance settings. First head over to the “Leave” section in the attendance settings. Add another leave reason Choose and mark “this leave type […]

Invite a client & why can’t I delete a client?

Why can’t I delete a client? I’m getting a “Please correct the following” error message Invite and Re-Invite client Why can’t I delete a client? I’m getting a “Please correct the following” error message. You cannot delete a client if this client is associated with an active invoice, estimate or […]

Adding a Short Break Manually

You can not only clock in and out for a Short Break but also add it manually when needed. #1 and #2 – Go to Time and Projects ->Attendance -> Attendance Monitor (click on the person’s name). #3 – Click on the day you’d like to add a break to: […]

Change payment method from CC to Paypal

We only support new subscriptions to be paid via PayPal. That means if you would like to switch to this payment method, you would have to cancel your subscription and simply re-subscribe again with PayPal instead of Credit Card. We have had a few users who have done that before. Please rest assured […]

Delete Personalized Template

Personal Templates can be easily removed (if it was never in use) with the Delete button. But what to do if you already used it for an invoice and still want to get rid of it? 1. Make sure it is not chosen as the default one:   2. Now you need […]

Import Vendors

You can import Vendors from a CSV file including vendor’s name, streets, ZIP, city, state, country, phone, mobile, fax, e-mail, first name and last name. You can view and download a sample file HERE To import Vendors go to Contacts ➝ Vendors ➝ “Import”: Or User Menu (the dropdown under your […]

HR Admin Role

About HR Admin The HR Admin’s Permissions About HR Admin We are happy to present you a new role called HR Admin. An HR Admin can manage your staff members and teams, and can also create/read/update/delete members – except the account owner role. So if you’d like to assign someone an […]

Attendance – Vacation Days Adjusting

Adjust the remaining vacation days Show every absence Adjust the remaining vacation days Zistemo also supports “automatic calculation of vacation when switching templates”. Find more infos HERE. Once the attendance template is attached to a staff member, don’t forget to adjust the remaining vacation days for this year for this […]

Request Vacations/Leave/Half a Day Vacation

Submit vacation for approval The easiest way to send a request for vacations (or just to add the vacation if you are the account owner and no one has to approve it) is to go to your Absence Calendar from the Dashboard: or   On this page choose the month […]

Attendance Vacation – Use ban on Vacations

In the Vacation Attendance Settings, you can also set up a “ban on vacations”, meaning your Employees cannot request vacation for a certain period. For example, you have to finish important work which needs to be done at the end of every quarter. Note: Rule: The ban cannot overlap with […]

Attendance Report – Detailed Calculations

1. Column ‘Start’ and ‘End’ 2. Column ‘Break’ 3. Column ‘Actual’ 4. Column ‘Plan’ 5. Column ‘Not payable’ 6. Column ‘Overtime’ 7. Column ‘Flextime balance’ Public Holidays Calculation All calculations are completed every day at 01:00 AM in your company’s time zone. 1. The ‘Start’ and ‘End’ Columns Start time […]

Users Related to the Attendance Template

To see who’s assigned to your Attendance Template please go to Settings -> Attendance and scroll down to the bottom of the page: Here you will see the list of the Users that are assigned to this Attendance Template, their Roles, Departments, and Positions:

Attendance Template Rules on User Profile

Do you want to know your Attendance rules and your company’s vacation policy? Go to ‘My profile’ under your account: here you will see the tab ‘Attendance’: On the attendance tab you can see the information assigned to you by admin: You can review info about your Flex Time Model, […]