Attendance Report

In the Attendance Report, you will get a detailed overview of your team-members/staff’ attendance. Follow the link, for the detailed calculations regarding the attendance report. Note: – Standard Break Times and Office Shutdown Times influence the Total Break Time – If the time model is Just CORE time, we calculate on Flex […]

View the App in Different Roles

As an account ‘owner’ or an ‘admin’, you have the ability to view the app from different perspectives/user roles. This gives you a better overview of what your team members, team leader, tax consultant or capture data account users are able to see and edit in their own accounts. The […]

Absence Report

This report is related to the attendance feature and will give you a detailed absence overview of your employees and yourself. The meaning of ‘Duration’ and ‘In Period’ Columns For example, I’m on leave from 12 January till 14 January: and in the report I would like to see my […]

Attendance – My Absence Calendar (manage my vacations)

If you want to access your vacation calendar, just click on the upper little arrow and choose ‘My vacation calendar’: How to submit a request for vacations you can read here On this calendar you will see your vacation/leave with the status “draft”, “pending”, “approved” or “unapproved”(requires a substitutor’s approval) as […]

Attendance Monitor

Attendance Monitor You can also find more info about the Attendance Feature here. Online Employee Time Clock Calculator Digitalize your time & attendance processes. With our time clock app, employees can easily clock in and clock out from their phone, laptop, desktop or any other device. Professional live time cards display […]

Attendance – Department Calendar

The Department Calendar gives you a total overview of your departments and staff members. You can view either all departments or only your’s. You can switch between a monthly or yearly view: You can also access a detailed monthly/yearly overview for each team member.


Create flexible time models, configure time-off approval rules, streamline absence management, automate time records and simplify vacation planning in one go. Attendance – Monitor Attendance – Time calendar Attendance – Department calendar Attendance – My vacation calendar  Attendance Settings: Flex time model Flex time escalation Clock in rules Flex time […]

Switching between Attendance Time Templates

Click on the upper arrow to open the list of templates available for you. If you want to edit a template, just click on the ‘pencil’ icon. If you want to delete a template, just choose the department name assigned to it and click on the ‘x’. To add a […]