Change credit card details / payment method

If you need to change your credit card details or you want to switch your payment method, please go to your “subscription” tab. After that, you can choose if you want to “change the credit card details” or “change your payment method.

SQL Data Warehouse

1. How to add the Integration 1.1 How to connect with MySQL 8.0 2. Cloud Applications recommendation 3. Bring the Data to Life With our new function “SQL Data Warehouse” you can easily export all your stored infos from zistemo to a SQL database. This gives you the full control of […]

Sets – group items and tasks

Sets are a summary of items and tasks. These Sets can easily added to Invoices, Estimates, Retainers and Purchases. E.g. you create an website for a customer, so the website includes the desing, development and testing. The Sets would be called Website, with the tasks or items added to it. […]

Dashboard Pulse Widget

The Pulse Widget is the fastest way to track your time. Soonest you start to log time to a project, the timer starts running and you see it directly on your dashboard. Just click on the “Play” Button and choose your preferred Projects, where you want to track time. To […]

How to Payroll?

You can payroll your staff via zistemo easily and keep your bookkeeping clean. Just start following the description below. Create an expense for the salary, let’s say for “Andre”. Use the right category “employee salary” or create a new category on your tax consualtant recommendations. Create the payment transaction to […]

Payment for an Expense

Explain Transaction Show only expenses/invoices which fits the transaction Multiple expenses for one transaction Multiple expenses for one transaction with multiple currencies   Explain Transaction   If you want to explain the transaction in your bank account, just click the “arrow” on the right site: Click “create transaction”: Search the […]

Estimates Report

In the Estimates Report you are able to see when, to whom and with which amount you sent/created estimates. How to reach the report? Simply follow the steps: Reporting -> Client Reports -> Estimates Settings and customizing the report First of all choose your preferred date range: You can also […]

Staff Details

Contact Details Assigned Projects Staff Default Settings Flex Time Settings Flex Time Settings – Show changelog of corrections Two factor auth   The “Staff Detils” you can find here – and scroll down on the staff page:   Contact Details You can add more details to you staff. Assigned Projects […]

Trello Integration

Connect Trello with your zistemo account Tracking Time with “zistemo’s Browser” Integration in Trello Assign Projects with “bulk-action” Customize your workspace and Projects Zistemo Integration in Trello Connect Trello with your zistemo account Connect Trello with zistemo: Go to your profile -> Integrations and click “add integration”. Choose Trello.   […]

Asana Integration

Connect Asana with your zistemo account Tracking Time with “zistemo’s Browser” Integration in Asana Tracking Time with “My Tasks” in Asana Assign Projects with “bulk-action” Customize your workspace and Projects Asana Teams in Time-Tracking Reports Asana Sections in Invoices and Reports Zistemo Integration in Asana Connect Asana with your zistemo […]

Timer Extension

Timer Icon in your Browser In Google Docs How Timer Button works for Trello How Timer Button works for Asana How it works for Jira Where can I find those time entries? Timer Icon in your Browser Available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. You can upload it for Mozilla […]

Invoice in PDF/A3 ZugFerd Format

ZUGFeRD is an abbreviation for »Zentraler User Guide des Forum elektronische Rechnung Deutschland«. The goal of ZUGFeRD is to enable electronic invoice exchange including structured data in the public and private sectors. However, unlike existing standards like EDI it is not only targeted at large organizations, but also small and […]

Italian Invoice XML

Italy has a requirement now that all electronic invoices send by email needs to send also an XML Infomation block to an Italian exchange system. For all our Italian Customers we’ve implemented the ability to download the ‘FatturaPA’ and you can find it in the Invoice Preview Dropdown (Sales -> […]